Gods in console

I would like to know when the gods will return on the official ps4 server, or will they not return?Thanks

Should be quite literally any day now gabrieles. It is included in the impending update.


Hey there,

They should return with the next console parity patch;


Looks like I juuusst edged you out there @TheLOLxd2. Heheh. :wink:

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Thank you very much for answering. want them to come back

they already take xd

It’s just insane console players not have got the update yet. How long has it been?

Since FC haven’t released any patch for PC either in quite long time, I really wondering if there is sony’s fault or if it’s actually FC’s. Out of FC’s controll yea sure maybe, but something is wrong since it takes such a long time for FC’s patches to get out meanwhile other games I dont think have the same issues over and over again.

We’ve worked during the month of June and part of July to stabilize the PC version and port those fixes and changes to consoles. During most of July, the majority of our team has been out on vacation. During the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting the patches through certification, with Xbox having been ready for a good chunk of that time.
Hope that answers the question regarding the delay. Otherwise, tinfoil will do.

Regarding the original question on this thread, avatars will be enabled on PS4 once the patch is out on that platform, with a rollout similar to Xbox. Patchnotes for both platforms are virtually the same, only change will be the date of activation of avatars.


Good. I dont mean you dont want to make it get out. Just felt like it is something between you and sony that causing delays. Because its not the first time console players have to wait a bunch of time before they get what we (pc players) get. But ty for explanation.

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