The update that never comes

And after 6 or 7 days we still have no news of whether or not we are going to have an update on consoles. I think that they have simply pushed us and they are giving us long to be able to continue selling console games but that it will never be updated …

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As someone that was critical over the lapse of the deadline, I can say I wouldn’t say a freaking word about anything considering how people roasted the company for failing to meet deadline…I don’t care about it words, give me results or a status update on a new eta
…words that are outside of this are irrelevant.

And to top it off pc is getting another update 2.4, so I say us console player’s are definitely left to the wind

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why don’t you tell us anything we need informations


Sony normally publishes updates on tuesday or thursday so I really hope to see something tomorrow. But if not I’m really losing the last bit of hope in this game and the developers

Hey bros, they been giving us small updates on Instagram. They sayd ‘‘The patch is coming’’ and ‘‘Its almost there’’.

The way i see this, now that PC got 2.4 on Testlive with all the good stuff, 2.3 should arrive Soon™
All we can do is wait. But i believe its very very close :slight_smile:

Keep your heads busy and dont Spam so much about the same thing. This sucks but it is what it is.

Good luck out there exiles o/


Hello everyone,

We’ve just posted a new message regarding the console situation. You can find more details here

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.