Lost confidence in FC

April, memory shave and IoS patch totally muffed CE. July, vacations. August, still vacations?

Are there devs back yet? The 30 day vacation were over almost 3 weeks ago. If it was 30 days…right Dana?

Anyway how’s the patch we desperately need progressing? It is difficult for the players to just relax and wait for a fix, especially since FC says nothing. No new information for 3 weeks of work?

Posting im August, why PS didnt get Aprils update dosent count. Irrelevant, moot, useless information.




Cool!..for PC…what about consoles?

Appreciate the news tho Mage

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I thought that after they released Siptah, they said they were going to release these big updates either simultaneously for all platforms or as close as possible. But maybe I’m misremembering. Can’t find it right now, and I really need to go to bed.

At any rate, even if they release it for PC first, they have no reason to delay it for consoles any longer than what the certification process might take.

I do understand your sentiment and share it to a degree. A small announcement along the lines of “hey peeps, we’re back from vacations and the next thing coming up is 2.5 release” would’ve been a nice touch…


Yeah buddy…they would calm many voices if FC just said…anything…

Hey @Stinkyfingerton

We share the disappointment about the delay in the Playstation 2.4.6 patch.

However, this thread has been posted on the Xbox forums. We have shared news on this topic on the Playstation forums, in particular in its dedicated thread, where you have also been directed recently in an identical post.

Do please either use the search function or read previous communications.

Thanks for your collaboration.