Golam broken the game

i have never played an update this bad please remove them out the game till the game can work with them inside the game i canr raid anyone because i crash everytime because off the golam crash meta i have to hotfix this please take out the game and kill all golams golams all attack each othere and u crash even if this didnt happy say i go raiding then 10 golams attack me and i dc because off this rubbish please if u are going to do an update like this please test it omg im so angry only reply if u are someone from funcom please hotfix this i have an video off me crashing for 1 hour 30 minutes in a row

Hey we are loosing connections with out Golums involved in battle. Might be more than that. @King1

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Definitely nothing to do with Golems. The ‘Lost Connection’ issue has been happening since the mid February update, but Funcom won’t acknowledge it. :frowning:

I have found that by placing my thralls on ‘Guard Me’ I have limited the chances of experiencing the ‘Lost Connection’ issue, but it does still occur.

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This is not true before golams i never list connecting i have tested this in single play my boosted server and i only lost when golems are gasing each other and makes everything fight each other

Pretty much the golams fight with youre own npcs and then they gas everything then they all fight each other and u dc in a loop thet dont stop till u die u can not log in this is tribes are useing to make u dc because they know about this raiding bases is very hard with this bug because u dc i play official pvp in the highest population server as i all ways do i try not to ckme to the forams as i do not like coming here

I encountered similar issues as King1 on eu official pc server, I was raiding a clan that had multiple golems and thralls, what happened was that their golems started to fight with their thralls, could be related to their gas effect.

This lead to their base being destroyed by their own golems, their defenders were occupied with infighting while we could loot their base.

And we both ended up with disconnect issues.

That makes sense we only have one using purple lotus doesn’t interfere with our thralls. Still disconnect when a quarter of the map away with low population tops 15 normally less

Think its because off how easy npcs are too get now and the golem fight the npcs and other golams which is crazy people spam fighters because u can buy them with sorcery coins i also think u shouldn’t be able to buy npcs with coins whats the point in haveing to knock things out

Since update 3.0 the game disconnects at every moment, I think is a bad configuration of the server, they have touched some Ping option, when the game is overloaded it , the Ping goes up the server kicks you

I got some more information, yesterday our base got raided, our golems where trying to attack towards the enemy and swinging randomly, then suddenly one of the golems got considered a hostile and every single npc in the base ran over to hit him, i had to put every npc’s behaviour to attack nothing for them to not destroy structures trying to fight each other.

This for sure has something to do with golems, we did not have any gas/tar attachments to our golems, the enemy were gassing our base though.

But I cant imagine any bigger reason for a ragequit then to watch your own thralls raid your base, we need a hotfix asap.

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