Golems are randomly causing disconnects and players abuse that to kill you when disconnected

1.) Have Golems
2.) Have them fight each other
3.) Random player dcs
4.) Random player gets killed by the other party
5.) Exciting PvP experience

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I have yet to see this happen on the countless servers I have been on.
And Guardians were used quite often.

Were you able to structurally replicate this?
What were the steps taken?

No. Random disconnects. After we destroyed all Golems, the disconnects disappeared.

Possibly because they started fighting each other due to a bug where they attack friendly golems. PvP server during raidtime btw.

We did some golem fight testing . Has one player drop clan and build a bunch of golems, we then attacked the golems and probably got 15 disconnects in a 30 minute period.


The defending clan was well aware that this is an issue.

Same with us as well, as soon as the golems were gone we had no problems.

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