Gold limit needs to be removed

Us, people who bought expansion packs, cant fully use them, since some of the features we paid for are behind gold limit. And also t6 isn’t fully available, since some of the parts are also behind the gold limit. It’s 15th anniversary and there ain’t much people left in the game, so opening more options for them will help a lot in keeping some of the player base ingame. @AndyB

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No further updates or changes will be forthcoming.

I wouldn’t mind if all they did was double it to 20g, but yeah Groovy’s right - not going to happen.

Heck it was like pulling teeth just to get them to turn on the event reward panel.

Petition update · News from Funcom ·

I apologize for the time it has taken to reply. While Age of Conan is a game very dear to me, it isn’t a high priority project so it takes time to investigate what is possible.

Unfortunately and as I mentioned when we first spoke, we have no developers that can do improvements to the game. It’s on an old engine that isn’t maintained and the staff we have on Customer Service is only able to do very limited activities with the game.

The team is still looking into a possibility of having more rotation on lootboxes, but it’s still not something we can promise.

Age of Conan is a great game and we’re very proud of having been able to develop for it for over a decade after its launch, alas it’s now getting so old we can’t do more.

Thank you for the care and energy you have put into the game and its community!

Best regards,
Rui Casais

wow what in the f that is the saddest shit I’ve ever read