Once more I'm asking = PVP SAGA SERVER

I would like Funcom to milk AoC for all it is worth.
I’m ready to buy loot boxes.
I’m ready to buy so many to get an op ring
I’m ready to do this on 2 accounts.
Give pvp players something to come back to.

But what’s the point? Ppl will still leave again after it’s done, like before. The only thing that would bring peeps back for a longer time ist new content like T7. And we all know that will never happen.

I’m honestly not sure why people have such a difficult time grasping the reality of things. It’s like they can’t accept that funcom has 0 interest in doing anything with it.

Move on with your life. You’ll be much happier when you do.

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Funcom have no plans for doing anything with aoc going forward.

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I have.
But I can dream.

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