Gold nodes deep in the jungle for Conan Exiles

Hello all,
I had a suggestion about gold resources in the exiled lands.
the drop rate is not the best other than scouting for chests around the buccaneer bay / flotsam coast.
my recommendation is to place gold nodes deep inside the swampy jungle to go alongside with the lemurian lore.
similar to isle of siptah that both resources are available for mining.
happy holidays


I agree, it would be nice to have some gold nodes in jungle, still in exile lands we get gold from obsidian stones. So, if it is to place just gold nodes, it’s OK, but if they place obsidian nodes in jungle it would be funny, because maybe you wouldn’t find gold at all :joy::joy::joy:.

Going all around the map for resources is part of the charm imo. If you could get all resources in the biome where your base is there would be less reason for players to roam around.


Gold is supposed to be valuable in Exiled Lands. Putting nodes in the Jungle would make it even easier to get.

Except fast travel negates that down to a non factor of why not to have it spread out more. In 10 minutes with obelisks and map rooms i can have a good amount of gold. So putting more gold in the swungle would at least fit some of the lore. It is pirates that are in the east, so more gold would not be bad.

If you can just go out in the jungle & mine all the gold you want, why be a pirate?

In the words of Tex Willer:

“There have always been two ways to get gold, and the faster one of them doesn’t involve digging.”

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Or just rob pirate treasures…hence the jungle by the pirate bay???

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