[Video Guide] Farming Gold and Obsidian

We’re covering where to farm gold and obsidian in Conan Exiles! Heading north into Volcano land, past the northlands, we search for the elusive material!

Video link --> Farming Gold and Obsidian on Conan Exiles! <–

Some things to consider:

:black_circle: Seeds ► Spices + meat ► Spiced haunch helps warm you up.
:black_circle: Warm clothing/armor!
:black_circle: Vitality attribute perk!

Avoid frosbite! It does kill!

:black_circle: North past the Bridge of the Betrayer!
:black_circle: Watch for undead warriors, and frostbite!

:black_circle: Head up east off the keep and up the road of the pilgrim!

:black_circle: Farm farm farm that gold and obsidian! (Ash seems pointless :stuck_out_tongue: