Gold ore vs Silver ore take #2

As the previous thread got automatically closed without a word if this is intented or not…more of a annoyance which could be categorized as low priority.

Minning Gold ore feels like minning Gold ore and i like how the NEW Gold veins are being harvested, 1 Hit and u get a certain amount of Gold ore.

When it comes on minning Silver(this has been like this since Silver veins were introduced) it feels like harvesting stone instead of Silver…sometimes the silver veins(especially in Exiled Lands) do not give Silver at all, just plain stone.

Would be cool and mostlikely not hard to convert the old Silver veins to NEW ones that will behave the same way the newly added Gold veins do on Siptah.

Gold - 1 to 2 Hits give X amount of Gold, no stone/obsidian/raw ash
Silver - 1 to 2 Hits give X amount of Silver, no stone.

Maybe the 2 threads can be merged together?

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To be clear, what you’re proposing is not how gold veins work on Siptah. On Siptah, gold veins take one hit which always gives gold.

I would rather see gold veins behave like silver veins and give the potential for multiple gold results (plus waste) - if you want nodes that only give silver (or gold) you have the loose pieces around the larger nodes which are more numerous and thus more profitable than the nodes themself anyways - the only issue with them is that some of the pieces are hard to hit w/a pick, which has as much to do with finicky pick targeting as node placement, though both are problems in this case.


I’m Getting tired of my own written english. Maybe you missunderstood me.

So you prefer to gather Silver by hand and receive 1 x ore? Instead of receiving a decent amount of it by using a pick…
You also prefer to receive stone out of them, ok, nothing wrong in that, you spare some of time need it for gathering stone.


On Exiled Lands you have this Silver mine dungeon,right? You find it normal to come out of the dungeon with 658 Silver ore and 54.000 stone? Truth be told i am not minning Silver at all in Exiled Lands, there are plenty npc’s that drop the better Variant, silber bar.

Now comes Siptah, in Order to be effective at minning silver/Gold you have to move to Different locations to find the veins(which is a good thing), there are not that many veins at those locations(maybe 7-8 veins, lets say 10). On PvE Servers happend a lot of Times to have to wait for the veins to respawn, on pvp Servers(if you play solo) you do not have that many chances…back to mathematics…it has happend to me(not only once) that i have got 0 Silver ore from 1 or more veins, but i also got 32/176/298 silver ore.
Gold is totally Different, same amount of veins,numbers differ by a lot…290/354/402, not to mention “no stone” that you mostlikely will just drop from inventory. Saying that your not able to carry an entire mountain with you(enc perk max), you have to drop the extra drop,right? Or you prefer to make X amount of Trips back and forth to your Base?

All i try to say is. You already have Gold running as supposed to(at least imo), why not make Silver the same way?

Siptah and Exiled Lands are 2 Different things, Siptah does not fail at all in delivering a hard grind for endgame stuff, it turns more and more into a Hardcore pvp map(only because of things being so scarce), While Exiled Lands is a walk in a park, we call it “internally New(bie) Land”.


Think i said i’m done with forums, this Last thread, should be low prio anyways.


Do something about the dissapearance of things(both Exiled Lands and Siptah)…in all These years i have not spend more time farming human hearts then now.Siptah :wink:

No. I prefer hitting the loose pieces with a pick and getting as much or more ore per loose piece than I’d get from hitting a vein. It seems like you’re not aware that you can use tools on small items on the ground (stones, sticks, gold nuggets, silver nuggets, etc) that can also be picked up by hand. You can. And when you do, you get as much as you would from a boulder, a tree, a gold vein, a silver vein, etc.

This does not Sound right,right?

And yes, i am aware of what you can do with tools, might have taken “picking” as a Total Different meaning.

I’ve never tried this with loose pieces of silverstone, but I know you can do it with branches.

We build our base outside of a gold/silver mine on the west river. every two hours we can harvest it and go back over and over again.

In Exiles we go out to the water past the jungle and get all we want from the chests and pirates up and down the coast.

So which on is easier? Siptah by far. Which is more fun and rewarding? Exiles by a mile.

You absolutely can use a pick or pickaxe on loose silver or gold on Siptah. Indeed, any place where there’s silver/gold vein-style tool-only nodes, there will be significantly more loose-style tool-for-many/hand-for-one nodes. If you only use the large tool-only nodes, or pick up single pieces by hand, you’re losing the vast majority of gold or silver available per respawn. Again, the only issue with using tools to harvest standard tool-sized quantities of gold/silver from the small nodes is the problems presented by targeting something at ground level with a pick. It may take several swings to successfully target a loose metal node, and sometimes you’ll find one you can’t hit at all. But for the most part, using a tool to harvest all the small nodes around large nodes will give an additional 2-3x as much as was in the large nodes.

3rd reply and you kinda said the same thing 3 Times. Hopefully this time around you will understand that i am aware of how things work(even if not ment to work that way)…i only Asked if it is possible to have Silver veins being mined the same way Gold veins are. Sounds more logical.

You also need to find those Spots free in Order to Build near those locations. On pvp Servers, Alpha Clans Controlled those areas entirely.

I’m having trouble seeing you as knowing how things work given that you characterized what I was saying as “prefer to gather Silver by hand and receive 1 x ore”.

Anyway, good luck with your suggestion. I’ll repeat that I’d rather see gold nodes act like silver nodes than vice-versa, and unfollow the thread.

You should not feel “attacked” or take rush conclusions. I said “by Hand 1 x ore” only because my entire Post was about veins and not what is laying around them. It did not crossed my mind that you were only refering to the small stones around a vein. If i offended you i am sorry for it.

But seriously, in all those 3 replies you told me something that you do which require a Monocle :frowning: . I am sorry i cannot accept that, as i already do that on crystals and branches(start of leveling) is kinda enough. Why do you Think i have suggested this change? For the simple fact of having a QoL Addition.

Conan Exiles tends to be realistic in a fantasy world,right? Well if we go this path then Gold veins should also drop stone or, another suggestion, Khari Ore?
But having 1 in a certain way and the other in another, feels weird don’t you Think? Or by receiving a pretty larger amount from a tiny Rock After spending a Minute to Hit it, also weird.

I do not want to be one of those but i have to, in this situation. I’ve Survived.Built.Dominated enough in this game to NOT Cry.Demand.Threaten…

I have only “suggested” a handfull of things since These forums were Made, in Order to escape Steam forums…this one and the decaying system for consumables. If These will be looked upon, ok , if not then life goes on :wink: . We have been through worse then this, we still are on Console :frowning:, the veterans will still be here, newbies come and go. Now blame me for not wanting to relive Age of Conan one more time and have a great game but only a handfull to play it…
(Not that my suggestion would have any impact in Order to have a better game, hence the low priority mention)

I really do not want to turn another Post into a mess, so please could you please not mention the tiny Rocks for the 4th time :frowning: i do not know if i can handle another one :lying_face: . In fact…

I unfollow too from the thread . Oops (can i even do this?)

God…people in here really need to grow some cohones.

I did some more farming on Silver and Gold these past days.

On Exiled lands i used the Silver Mine and for Gold the pirate area in the Jungle.

On Siptah i have run some vaults + the usual minning on nodes.

Exiled Lands offered 6504 Gold ore and 4362 Silver Ore.
Siptah offered 12864 Gold Ore and 5648 Silver Ore.

As stated above, on Exiled Lands you have npc’s and chests that you can farm, with a decent drop Rate. As you see above the difference between the 2 is a lot higher then on Exiled Lands, almost 3 Times the amount of Silver received.

I farmed using star metal pick and pickaxe for a duration of 18 hours. About 9 hours in both maps, i do realize that is not a stable amount you will get each time, but the difference is obvious.

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