Silvernodes, intended or not

With a starmetal pickaxe it gives me more stone than silver

17 stone
17 stone
17 stone
8 silver.

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maybe use pick instead

No it needs a fix, gold nodes dont act this way after 2.1

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you get more from picking up pieces off the ground…lol


Bugged or not, use a pick, pickaxes are silly mate.

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not bugged, just RNG

Silver nodes always gave more stone than silver just like iron nodes give some stones

Gold nodes never existed, gold was a rare drop from obsidian

On the new map it feels like silver is rarer than gold

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there are nodes around volary of the harpy, gold too

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Yes they did in the volcano

Not RNG, not talking about EL, this is in Siptah.

Silvernodes changed after 2.1, they have never given stone before.


This is completely false. Silver nodes have always provided a mixture of stone and silverstone when harvested.

Concur, silver nodes have always given stone alongside silver. Absolutely nothing changed with 2.1.

Further, it’s not enormously problematic that silver nodes give stone but gold do not. Gold nodes also uniformly yield one strike before crumbling. As such, a single silver node typically yields more silver than a single gold node. If anything, gold nodes should also provide a mix of gold and stone while taking more than one hit to harvest.

(If anyone is confused and thought that silver nodes previously didn’t give stone, I can only assume they were mistaking single loose pieces of silver ore for nodes. Those always provide silver, and can only be struck once for a pick’s worth or picked up for a single ore - just like loose pieces of gold ore.)

No. The nodes that gave gold in the volcano are obsidian nodes. Gold was an uncommon additional drop, which is why you’d get hundreds of obsidian for tens of gold.

Not on siptah. Not like after 2.1

Hopefully I have video proof.

NORfem, I have a base right next to a vault and been there since release day. I’ve harvested silver nodes more days than not. They have always given more stone than silver. The only way I can even conceive of you thinking otherwise is if you’re a bad aim and normally hit the single silver pieces that lie around the silver nodes and think you’re hitting silver nodes; the large nodes that you can’t pick up and that take multiple hits to harvest have always given 1-2 hits with silver and 2-4 hits with stone.


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