Thanks for the Grey Lupine, but still no Obsidian nodes? (Isle of Siptah)

As the title suggests, I’ve noticed in the last big update that grey lupine has been added, but on the volcanic peninsula, there aren’t any obsidian nodes? My research so far shows none!

Yes, I’ve read that one can get obsidian material off of NPCs… but to follow a line of logic here… if you take obsidian weapons and material off of the NPCs, then WHERE do THEY get obsidian? To make any sense of it, there HAS to be a source of obsidian OTHER than their weapons and armor.

IF not for anything else but this reasoning, please hotfix this and add some obsidian nodes. Hell… it would make sense that the nodes would be deep in NPC territory where one would have to fight through them to get to the nodes.

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For clarification, (and I edited the title just now) I am speaking of Isle of Siptah.

The Grey Ones clan is pretty anti-social. Wouldn’t be surprising if they were trolls too and built their bases over the obsidian nodes to intentionally despawn them.

Maybe if we all reported them…


I think the lack of obsidian nodes is justified by the presence of the grey ones and living first men. You’re supposed to fight those 2 factions for the resource. Adding mining nodes would render these 2 factions usless.

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