Obsidian and where to mine it on Island Siptah

Trying to find nodes to mine on islands of dusk, and light and cant find any.
Anyone know how to farm it for the last tier weapons. I am hoping you dont have to farm grey ones for it.

I think it might be loot that you get from drops on NPCs or in higher tier chest. I don’t think they have locations you mine (even though they added a semi-volcanic area.)

Sounds like that area to the south that has some lava vents could have some obsidian nodes added.

all around the forge there is none i might have to get on single player and do some scouting to find nodes.

There is no obsidian to mine on Siptah . You get obsidian bars from doing darfari surges, dismantling weapons of the grey ones, i even found raw obsidian on creatures/chests in camps around the map.

But mining Obsidian is not possible.

obsidian rock nose give a lot if you find them, anyone see any they are blue looking

That i do not know. On testlive they where immune to any kind of damage. So never killed one :frowning:

i got 70 obsidian on single player from one rocknose. its the best route but i cant find spawn point on map\

they can spawn in any spot of another rocknose, as a corrupted/greater version.

Just go to a high populated area of rocknoses and kill them for 1 hour, or walk the map and try to find one. In my experience people do not kill rocknoses, so the chance for you to find a obsidian rocknose is quite low.

So get to work and start killing :slight_smile: Let me know how many u killed until one obsidian rocknose spawned.

no the monster boss is different from the obsedian rocknose. also 3 camps and the one skull spawned

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