Obsidian Ore - Doubt

Hello there, I just drop a Obsidian ore in Isle of Siptah Dungeon… There is a way to smelt like in exile lands?

Only way to get obsidian bars on Siptah is from surge mobs or convergence traps.

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No, at least not yet.

I assume you are on an offcial server? If so then Zayzane and Narelle are absolutly right.

On the other hand in a private set up it is possible for Admins to spawn the Volcanic forge and place it somewhere on the map. This doesnt seem to be as widely known as it could be as it don’t show up in the Spawn item list but can be done.

I do find it curious why the Snake men weapons from their vault do not disassemble into obsidian in Siptah in general. That seems to me a way of getting that material their in a logical manner without having to rely on the random Convergence trap idea.

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Well yes that’s the mechanics… I assume that they initially wanted ALL the vaults to drop stuff on a Par. Which is a fair enough idea except that iron quality tools and gear is a well a bit parsimonious for the effort of doing a Vault even as they stand (I think).

I suppose I am just used to Snakefolk having Obsidian gear around them.

We shall see what happens when and if the promised revisions to L60 Dungeons occurs.

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