Goodbye old friend

I logged back into TSW today, took me a little bit to remember the old ways, it feels strange and unknown in a way. Even after years of playing it.

But i found something in my inventory that has been lost and forgotten, and i could finally do something i never took the time to do.
Listen to the paranormal shortwave radio

I would love to see this radio back, in SWL. the stories are awesome :smiley: Although it would be nice to have an in game player so we could pause it :slight_smile:

I was also surprised by my inventory and how much i gathered over the years, it looks really messy, but i had a system :wink:

Touches the screen before logging out one last time Goodbye old friend, you will be missed :sob:


It’s like observing an artifact now, so weird.

Feeelinx… :slight_smile:

I just made new Facebook gaming profile where I uploaded “few” TSW piccies.
The amount of screenshots I have is massive, and yours posted here is nearly identical I have taken from there :smiley:

I will stay on TSW and play it time to time, just for feeeeeelinx… until it will be completely stopped.


it is the ONE item I miss more than anything :thinking: all the times spent, wedged into deep dark places of the world, just listening away…

damn you, now I’m all nostalgic!


Yeah been playing it a bit lately to get ready transfer and it is weird to go back there, like exploring an abandoned building.

Still this time playing has made one thing clear, i really miss the deck building of TSW.


Yeah I really missed this in SWL too. My parents will sometimes bring up old radio shows. My dad, who sometimes has a hard time sleeping, says you can still find old shows on AM radio in the middle of the night. So hearing those radio shows (atmospherically when running missions before finally getting my own radio) always makes me feel a little closer to my parents.


Hey posting photos of my TSW inventory…

Seriously though, miss that world. Find it nostalgic and sad to go back and play now. Hopefully all the fun stuff will be added back at some point.