Goodbye Testlive US3 server

Real Life came up and I was really pressed on time to get some things done. Sadly that meant losing some of my map room bases - yet again.

I realize I just don’t have the patience for this super fast decay rate. I get that Funcom doesn’t make money from server hosting and wiping out bases as fast as possible greatly reduces the hosting expenses, but it just sucks for someone that frequently runs into busy times in life.

Call this my “mini rant”. I love the game and like playing with other people, but if the servers can’t keep my bases for more than a few days, there just isn’t any point. Back to playing solo, which probably makes Funcom even happier.

So anyone left on US3, get busy making maps. My remaining maps are leaving in a week. (Norril’s)


RL building, didn’t you say? Hope it’s going well! Is there anybody you trust who can clan up only in name so as to help with decay?

Understand even to well your issue.
I love testing and testlive, but never made it to any official testserver, still tested on my privat server or like right now, in singleplayer.
Sure, it’s limited, and some tests can’t simply be done, but it allows me also to run others i wouldn’t be able on an official server, or i would need lot time, patience, and also some luck.

I mostly play solo, and server or singleplayer, but for testings it could be fun, and give better results to make in clans and small groups.

I have been struggling to get onto Testlive Server US3 lately too. It’s a shame the server barely works because my clan and I are never on anymore due to it always acting up. We can’t really make use of testlive if it is not functioning and devs don’t care to keep it up.

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