TestLive was Wiped?

So it’s been 3 days since I logged onto the TestLive PVE US3 server. I had put months of work there and had two solid bases. Made a few friends.

I go to log in today and my only option was to create a new character. I realize it’s Saturday, so often if something goes wrong we have to wait until Monday for a resolution.

I’ve been doing my due diligence and reporting bugs, making suggestions as I felt if we want this game that we love to keep getting better it is my obligation.

But, if we were wiped then I don’t think I’ll do it again since leveling on an official server is a PITA.

I don’t see a thread where it says you wiped the server?


Hey @Malgor.
Sorry to hear this, but this is a test server.
You shouldn’t put in more than a couple of days work in on this one, since it can break and can be wiped at any time.

We’ve been building a massive base in the north to test the rendering of huge bases and it got wiped as well, but we knew this was going to happen.
Yes, we felt a bit sad (mostly because I forgot to take some screenshots), but we were also happy that we helped the devs make the game better.

If you want a good server and a friendly community, I can invite you to our ‘Let’s be geeks’ server (That is now wiped and locked for the new patch to be released)

We’d be happy to see you there and build with you #ShamelessPlug

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