Official Testlive Server has been down for 7 hours now!


An official server has been down for over 7 hours now.
Name: Testlive EU - Resets frequently

I hope you can put it back online, knowing that it will probably crash alot, but that is the risk of playing on a testlive.

Also like to thank you for the new content.

Why dont you play on one of the other testlive? They wiped the servers anyway i mean

Hello Krystavos.

I never stated that i can not play the new testlive version at all. So i don’t know why you come and tell me this random advice.

The server i am refering to, has gone offline more than 7 hours ago at the moment of me starting this topic.
I assumed, as it has taken that much time, they do not know about this. Therefor i took my time and went to these forums to notify them about this.

Other than that, i have leveled up untill i reach somewhere around level 55, AFTER the wipe. Created a small base, started some basics(all crafting benches etc…) and gathered alot. Other than that i was the highest level, and had progressed the furthest.
Ofcourse i could play the game and to do so i could pick between a few servers official and unofficial. I could pick a server that has faster leveling and all of that.

NON of that fixes the problem of a server going offline. And if this would then again happen to that particular server, would i then move again? NO… you dont run away from a problem, you fix it!

As fixing it would be out of my reach, all i can do is informing about the existance of this problem.
And so i did. Not sure what your intention were with your words of advice. But for now, i won’t take the advice.
Other than your advice, your assumption that i played on the server before it was wiped, and me refering to that time frame, is wrong.

Best Regards,


Hello there. It was in fact just a friendly note. I simply misunderstood your reqest. Yes, i assumed you had a char on that spesific server and were not aware it was a wipe. Thats why i suggested you could play on another since it was down for the time being. Good initiative to inform about it though.
Best regards

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Testlive EU should be back online now, sorry for the wait!

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Thank you, it is confirmed back online!

In the process of turning the server on again, there may have been something that has slipped through.

This something could be the server settings. Which now seem to be 1x where they used to be 5x.

What i would like to know is, if the previous 5x ( which i think would be the right thing on a “resets frequently” server ) is intended or that the new 1x is actually the prefered setting.

Someone give this man a raise.

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I know im complaining here.

But it would be realy nice if the server could be set back to a 5x server again, just as it was when i joined it and before the server went down for the extended period.

Will prob. be after easter :confused: