Got a Problem with me server and I got no idea what to do about it

I want to run a dedicated server on my windows (win 10 home x64) machine using the funcom launcher. All the ports are free and my firewall allows access. Yet I can’t connect to the server. the error logs say that the kds cetificate is missing or something and that it has problems with the spawntable.
This is beyond my understanding, please help
Please help me i got a big problem

My advice is to post in the thread for the launcher

What I can say is that the Spawntable errors aren’t related to you not being able to connect. That’s either mod errors, or usual small little errors that come up on every server start (they are pretty harmless, other then filling up the log).

Server stuff isn’t really my area of expertise, but if this is the same machine that you are playing on, look at the section on Multihome in the thread I linked. You need to set your Multihome in order to play and connect on the same PC.

Anyways, check out the information in the thread, and if you get lost, make a post in that thread. Good luck!

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thanks for that answer!

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