GPortal Purge Settings Question

We have still been struggling with getting purges to activate as intended. For the most part, I attribute this to the purge trigger bugs that will hopefully be addressed in the Parity Patch, now looking to land next week due to size issues and getting past Sony Cert.

In the interim, I’m putting this question to FunCom, and perhaps server admins who have already broached the subject.

Here is what I see when looking at the settings in the GPortal menu:

KickAFKPercentage =80

Essentially that is what our purge settings are at. My question is in regards to the “PurgeRestrictionWeekday/WeekendStart/End” values versus the PurgeTimeWeekday/WeekendStart/End" values.

Regarding the former, do the values inserted in there indicate when the restriction starts and ends, ie the times when the purge will not occur, or do those values indicate when a purge is allowed to occur? For instance, as set up right now, do those values indicate that on Weekdays the purge is restricted/prohibited from occurring starting at 1600 and ending at 2359, thus allowing the purge to occur only between 0000 and 1559, or vice versa.

Regarding the latter, do the values in there indicate when the purge is allowed to occur, or are those somehow redundant?

Here is what I see in the Technical Manual, located in Steam, related to the Purge Settings – and I don’t see that it addresses the two different sets of PurgeRestriction vs. PurgeTime values.


So it may answer portions of my question, however, with our purges rarely if ever occurring, I am still left wondering if the explanation is accurate. Additionally, the tech manual appears to be in reference to the in game settings menu as opposed to the GPortal settings.

@AndyB , I’m hoping I can get a response from FunCom to my question(s) about the purge settings accessible via the GPortal admin settings. I’ve been unable to find an adequate response within the forums here and elsewhere. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Hi did you get a reply yet? My friend got a server from G-Portal on Saturday (18/08/2018) and yesterday (20/08/2018) Me and another friends purge meters were finally filled and nothing happened no purge whatsoever. We don’t know what is wrong another friend had a server as well abut the time the game released and he had to forcefully engage the purge as it did not start on it’s own and sometimes the purge would not even start it showed a notification and as they are about to start they are defeated.

How are things with the purge now with the recent PS4 patch? There were some changes/fixes made for it.

Additionally, in regards to values:
RestrictPurgeTime: true
PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStart: 1800
PurgeRestrictionWeekdayEnd: 2200
PurgeRestrictionWeekendStart: 1800
PurgeRestrictionWeekendEnd: 2200

With these settings, for example, purges are only are only allowed to be triggered within these times but can go on a bit after. There are some prewarning happening before

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Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: Can you give me any information about the other values I referenced that are in the GPortal settings panel, for instance:

And, I have not yet been able to hop into the game today, and it looks like the parity patch was released today. I’ll have to get back to you on that later.

…On another note, I hope the server restart that will occur for the parity patch will not despawn all the enemy npcs I just dropped into the Maze I built for our playters-- it takes a fair amount of time!!

Thanks again.

As an update, we had no purges last night in the 8 hour window we have set for weeknights.

I’m still hoping someone from FunCom can address the second part of my question relating to the “PurgeTimeWeekdayStart,” etc, values.

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