Gradual Scenery changes

Since Map expanding isn’t on the horizon (and it doesn’t need to be), I would love to see more use made of all the empty areas in the form of gradual landscape changes and Thrall settlements. What if every 3 -4 months and update went in that added some trees… or environmental scenery changes and perhaps new thrall stations or settlements. Even the occasional act of god that creates a new pass. I realize the free form building would be a direct conflict (hey, there is a river where my base used to be… or hey, there is a river going through my base and some Nordheimers camped out front), but the idea is to stimulate a “living” landscape. I’ll leave the logistics to the Devs. Seriously, there are places people don’t go or build in because its useless… unless they are building for show. There is a lot of map to be made worthwhile.

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Well they’ve been doing this to a degree. The landscape has been tweaked and in this last patch they added some new thrall camps - like north of sepemaru etc. I’m pretty happy with the world as it is, there’s some seriously beautiful and seriously interesting/diverse terrain to explore. I’m all for dynamic changes however.


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