Map expansion, more dlc based areas, friendly villages etc

The latest DLCs brought some nice things to the game but i’d liove to see them as actual content. I also think it would be nice to have more uninhabited areas without strong enemies nearby to have more choices where to build abase and how creative one can be, and friendly villages where we can trade, hire followers instead of kidnapping them, and maybe rest for a limited time.
So i think there should be a map expansion next, some Northern type content (Conan Skyrim if you want) in the north, a prairie, plaines based Area to the West where the Riders of Hyboria live and some Argosan, Atlantean area to the east on the coast and out at sea. And, as i said before an addition of non-hostile, interactable settlements and maybe npcs wandering around that can be discovered, rescued and hired

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