I'm getting fatigued by "green"

Usually i really like green grass & forests but it seems after a few hundreds hours played i’m getting green fatigue.
I really liked the biome diversity of the Exile Lands.
I really miss the snow.
I hope the new two microzons to be somehow different.
What is your opinion on this matter?

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The new zones are definitely less green. I enjoy how green Isle of Siptah is. I wish for some snow :snowman: :snowman_with_snow:

We call it Last Exiles :laughing:


I too miss my snow! :cold_face:

I usually build there or very close in EL, I just hope they can add it maybe later? I really hope so.
And I would be crapping myself if they lean more towards ice than snow, something like this…
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:metal: :smiling_imp:


This would be epic!

For the lake area I would have gone with something like this:




I am still in love with Siptah’s green and overall map. I wouldnt mind tough for the newer addtions to be more diverse like desert etc.

Also it would be so cool if they implemented season changes, with temeprature and rain and snow effects. So you got to also equip for each season.


Looking forward to some diversity but I am very happy there is no snow, I hated it in exiled lands and Saveg wilds as way too much set ina snow area and its so danmed barren.

Dude this should be featured on a future map haha!
Clothe by season, longer nights in the winter with nordic lights, longer days in summer with intense sun.

Different monsters every season, but with a diverse map with lots of different biomes :slight_smile:


And wandering herds. Flocks of birds migrating as the seasons change. Wandering hunters looking for game the closer winter gets.

Perhaps even some climatic changes like flooding rivers and floodplains, mud slides, blizzards, avalanches of accumulated snow, quicksand in marshes (where the floodplains are now – perhaps a seasonal change with weather conditions), and so forth.

More dynamic environments would be a huge plus for the game.


Sure, this all would be so great, and i would love it. I often dream about “games of the future” and what could be in them. I think the AI is still the hardest step, but would also make that big difference.
Imagine each thrall having a very own personality, goals, and wishes. Same for animals, wolf isn’t wolf, some are tamer, other still will remain wild.

Sure, i remember also those mods. But yes, AI calculation is CPU heavy. Even with low-graphic games like Rimworld, if you add by mods tons of behavior, you can nearly melt your actual machine.

Still let’s dream for some super feature coming in a uncertain futur.

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