Desert Biome - Really MIss It

Anybody else really miss the aesthetics of the desert biome? Maybe they could add a new island off the coast that was just dunes, canyons and cactus?


It is the least biome I miss xD

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We have lived in the desert for almost 3 years now. I play Siptah with the Mrs, but find my self playing in the desert more and more. More new players here since Siptah opened

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I miss the palm trees. I only wish they had coconut trees (fruit trees), too.


I miss the snow! Probably not going to happen due to the island’s climate but yeah…I wanna get snowblind!
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Things that don’t come easily
Feeling happy in my vein
Icicles within my brain

(And I miss rain! :rofl: )

:metal:t2: :smiling_imp:

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I miss the snow, too, but I definitely don’t miss the rain.

Snowfalls are pretty. Downpours are not.

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A lot! The desert and the newb river are my favorite parts of the Exiled Lands.

I love building in the jungle and hearing the thunderstorms from inside my base. Just wish that stupid wet glare didn’t happen.

Ohyeah the rain man… I want the rain

Ohyeah the river is nice, with the green. The colour scheme was happy xD

The main map is already here to have many very differents bioms.

This one is more coherent with an area with the same climat.

And desert is the largest biome on main map so…

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Funnily enough i was hoping they’d go even more full on desert - like the area just slightly north of sepemeru - like full on dunes with an oasis here and there. But yeah like others I also tired of the same environment of the original map, a change of environment is good b ut the overall map is lacking somewhat.

Sekhet Oasis is my favorite place to build. Love the music there. Wish the old map had some of the more dynamic qualities of Siptah like the Maelstrom. It would make end game more fun without mods. Maybe they will add that as they go. Purge still feels like it is incomplete.

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