Thralls outside camps

It would be nice to encounter some thralls outside the normal camps or to have some map progression where new camps are build over time while old ones decay or just vanish.
You could have something like an ambush while roaming in the open.
This shouldn’t be that much of an impact since it’s like a mini purge with the spawn around the player instead of a building.

This is what I would like to tell Funcom. They seem to worry that the Exiled Lands has grown stale because it’s all been mapped. They should implement some features like this to actually make the game world change over time. This would make the game 1000X more interesting.

There was a lot of controversy when Siptah came out about them not being able to expand the map size of the exiled lands… I think the solution really is game systems like the one you propose. Game Systems which cause the world to change occasionally. Dear Funcom: Don’t be afraid to mix up the Exiled Lands.

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You are right I played on my own server with some friends PVE only. I might missed out some stuff. But that progression was what I missed in this game. If you play it PVP it might be that much of an issue with the ambush part for sure.

I guess I could implement that myself in a mod but I am not sure how much you can integrate into the server side logic needed for progressive maps

Yeah, I wish it would have roaming bandits, cannibals and devildogs in the storm… and updates for the damn XBox before they impliment all that would be nice aswell.

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