Graphics and Settings


I would like to say that you guys at Funcom are doing a wonderful job with keeping us updated with new content coming for the game and it is very much appreciated.

I could not help but notice that ever since the Console versions of the game were released the graphics on the PC Version seem to have been lowered.

I remember being able to see higher quality ground/rock textures at a much further distance then I can nowadays, when I look at the rock arch in the distance it looks horrible and chunky the way old games in the '90s looked when I get closer it looks as it should this but this was not the case before and also more fog seems to have been placed in the world…

I realize the need to lower the graphics quality so that Console players can enjoy the game as well and I was just wondering if there were plans on adding more Graphics Settings that will allow PC users with PC’s that can handle more intense Graphics the ability to increase the render/draw range and tone down the fog So that we can also enjoy the game to its fullest?

Speaking of Settings:
I would also like to see more Server Settings that Private Server Owners can manipulate such as a Server Night Lighting level setting that will allow Private Servers to set the brightness of ambient light at nighttime so the nights can be made darker more like how they use to be when the game was first made available in early access on a global basis and not just on the server-side.

Also for the Day/Night cycles would it be possible to change the way you implement the time setting so that it is easier for Server Owners to understand and set desired times?

Instead of setting like 0.5 or 1.0 ect can you just have it set in Minutes? Ranging from Five Minutes up to Five Hours if they want?

I would like to have my Private Server set up so that there is one hour of daytime and one hour of nighttime exactly with a twenty-minute dawn/dusk time between the two.

Currently, the way it is implemented with nighttime being shorter than daytime by default and with the settings as is I’m having a hard time accomplishing this.

Thank you for your time.

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