[Graphics] Can't always see zone borders anymore

Since one of the recent patches, I can’t always see zone borders anymore. I don’t know what’s causing it and can’t reliably reproduce it, so hopefully this bug report is still useful… Other people on OOC were telling me they had the same problem, so I’m not the only one. I’m using the old engine. Some things I can rule out:

  • It’s not happening at any zones in particular. My screenshot showing the border from newland city to newland works fine now, but didn’t yesterday. An hour ago I zoned from Aegean into Wartorn Valley and couldn’t see the border. After relogging, I could.
  • It’s not related to my options. Zone borders are toggled with the setting “Show Other Effects” in Options > Video > Effects. I have it enabled.
  • I’ve never had this problem until about a week ago, so I think it’s likely a newly introduced problem.

Image below for reference, to clarify what I mean with zone border :slight_smile: In the image, it looks as it is supposed to.

Same here… except i can’t see the zone borders anywhere.

It’s been a few months since i actively played, but when i did i never saw this problem, and now during the weekend when i started playing in the new server, i never saw any zone borders anywhere.

Which is very annoying for example when you zone to the next area in the middle of a fight because you didn’t see that you were at the border already.

Same here but as @Aeliniyah I can’t see them at all anymore. It’s not the options and it’s not ‘sometimes’. It’s everywhere and always. In general I don’t mind it, but some times it can be a pain to try and fight a dyna and randomly zone out.

PS. I can only talk about the new server, haven’t played much on the main server since the new one came out.

Glad I’m not the only one. I noticed this recently and thought my AO installation was bugged

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