Graphics Settings 2019, Frame Drops, Stuttering, Hitching, Low FPS, Stuttering, Glitching, Lag, Latency

This is mine lol
windows 7
AMD 3.9ghz
Nvidia GT 640
Just a regular 1TB Hard Disk
Display: 1920 x 1080
windowed borderless
no motion blur or ssao or anti alias

Full View Distance
0 World Detail
0 Texture Detail
0 Vegetation Detail
0 Lighting Detail
1 Effects Detail
1 Filtering Mode
0 Advanced GFX Settings



Do you need like triple digit frame rates for a game to feel smooth? Mine rarely drops below 60 at near Ultra DX11 and I only have a 1060.

With Vsync on, I am usually at 60FPS. I use this setting, to keep my system cooler. Occasionally it will drop to 30-40 FPS while in Agartha. Without my current settings, I will usually see hitching. Had the same issue with TSW. Might be AMD related, not sure.

For reference, frame drops while just walking around the world has been an ongoing issue for a lot of people.

And what’s the problem with that? Maybe my expectations are lower and/or tolerances are higher. But anything above 30 feels fine to me for a game like this.

I like the sun picture. If anyone uses motion blur in any game… what is up with you!!!


two things not good for games
motion blur
and first person POV

pass me a sick bucket lol

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Weird… my question marks don’t show up in that comment.

I have a question. I HAVE to use DX9 or I crash often. Does anyone know why that is? I know some people use 11 and they’re fine.

I wish they had a light bloom on/off. The game would look so much nicer.

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two things not good for games
motion blur
and first person POV

pass me a sick bucket lol

Also, head bobbing. Sadly, I cannot play Alien: Isolation.


I have no idea.
I used Dx11 when i first started playing, i think it’s defaulted to that.
I got crashes all the time.
Was told try Dx9 - no crashes.

And i think if you don’t use any of the SSAO Anustropic filter malarky then DX11 is of little to no use

DX11 works fine for me. No idea why others are having problems with it.

Also, if i put the FPS check thingy on i don’t recall it ever saying anything above 28 fps lol

and yeah, headbobbing lol

Yeah, same here. I was DX11 for a while and crashed often. I switched to 9 on someone’s advice and was ok. I redownloaded the game, and it was DX11 by default again. I didn’t realize and went into a NYRE10 and crashed twice while in there. I checked and had to switch to 9 again. There has to be a reason some crash and some don’t. I WANT to use 11.

Also I am in game and am not noticing Light Bloom as badly as I used to. I wonder why that is. Maybe I’m used to it or maybe because I’m on 9.

It could be several things. Windows version, drivers, a different video card might work better, heat. I know the fog/mist/lights in some of the smaller quest instances would drive my FPS and heat through the roof.

Well, of course, but I wanna know WHAT it is and know if I can change it.

Light bloom is Definitely worse with higher quality. You can’t even see the buttons on my shirt because of it. The glasses look reaally nice though. I usually have little white specs on them in DX9. This is TXAA 4X.

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580 architecture is much more compatible with the (date) engine. I still got screen tearing for some abilities if Effects Details are not set at 1.0.


My 1060 seems to be handling near-max settings at 1080p just fine, too. But as I said, maybe I’m just not as sensitive. Anything above 30 is fine for me in a game like this. And I’m definitely not getting any tearing. That I’d notice.

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