Instant crash to desktop after few minutes of play

Currently playing the STEAM version and after I created my character and finished the tutorial section I got CTDwith no error message just a send report but I told what had happened the report had an issue connecting to the server.

Graphics driver crash. Change to DX9 if you’re on DX11.

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You say the game crashes unexpectedly straight to desktop with no error prompt, windows, or warnings - for Secret World Legends, this is often known as the NVIDIA crash, as it is only experienced by those with NVIDIA video cards and only began to occur starting with a very specific NVIDIA video driver version. If you have a NVIDIA video card, you may be experiencing NVIDIA crashes. The crash itself is still being investigated, but don’t worry! There are still ways to avoid the NVIDIA crashes or otherwise mitigate them!

  • If you’re playing in DirectX 11 and you happen to be using DirectX specific graphic settings in SWL, you can lower them a notch or two, such as reducing your SSAO to the next step down, or by lowering your Anti-Alias Quality from TXAA 4X to TXAA 2X or FXAA HQ. This will reduce the strain on your card and might prevent the crashes or make them highly infrequent.
  • If you don’t care about DX11 settings at all, you can switch your client to DX9. This will avoid NVIDIA crashes, but will of course prevent you from using settings DX11-specific graphic settings in SWL such as SSAO.
  • You can roll back to a more stable NVIDIA driver, which will allow you to keep DX11 and all of its fancy settings albeit with the risks inherent in using older video drivers. Newer NVIDIA drivers vary in their stability where SWL is concerned, but you will be able to find something stable if you try! The most recent NVIDIA driver version guaranteed to be free of the NVIDIA crash is 425.31, although 436.15 does pretty well for a majority of players. While 425.31 and 436.15 aren’t compatible with the newest NVIDIA video cards, that doesn’t mean you won’t find any stability with newer driver versions!

If you are indeed experiencing NVIDIA crashes and you want to learn more about your options as well as find in-depth information on the NVIDIA crashes themselves, you can check this thread:

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Thank let me turn off the anti-aliasing and see if that helps.


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