Great Launch new stuff and BOOM hackers glitchers unraidable bases. Underground bases. Boom there the game dies again!

Played Conan when it game was early access and was so much fun and was top seller for weeks and then all issues came and we stopped playing this great game untill new content and bugg fixes came. New launched and BOOM again underworld bases etc. This is a person that screwed up official server (“1091”)

(" Links not allowed") Sorry cant show evidence since not allowed to send picture link!

Wiped almost everyone on the server and thought wow alpha tribe on the server. So we rebuild went with more than 200 explosive jars , catapults . etc. Half of the server went to sort them out. We blow map to pieces where they build and notice we cant get to the core. Where his. Temple light gave it away. So we went on single player and tested how in world must we get there. Guess what there is no way in hell that you can even get there unless you use NO CLIPPING, or some weird glitch that knocks you into ground even. Location above the springs where you farm brimstone and left of the tradeway are ruins where you can build massive base into them and be unraidable. If you know how to glitch into ruin just build chest on side and place bed inside and bedroll outside and play like a king that cant be killed/wiped in conan. Why cant the developers full ruins up so no one can build there and no one can build underworld of conan! THis all on official conan server where we reported and reported and nothing happens at all. I dont want to leave conan again and wait year + for all this to be fix either leave game and stop waisting my time. This game requires alot of farming and time and then stupid Chinese player screws it all up. Even if he got banned the next day hes back again and again. IF there is like not actually ban or something done by funcom. Steam profile shows even the bans. My only question to Funcom is why must i waste so much time in such good game and its totally broken.Stop with the map expansion stop with all other stuff and fix the basics since i have 14 people on friends list that quit the game maybe permanently. Now its only me and another person thats looking for a guild to play with since everyone leave the game again! ("Sorry my English Bad, Not my fav language*).

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Solution is to find private server which suits you.


WTF? Playing official !!!

The official servers are like the lawless Wild West. You can’t control what other players do there. At least on a private server the admins have some control to ban cheaters and exploiters. You presented a problem, private servers are a solution that’s been presented to you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


IMHO privat servers are only good for casual noobs, was wiped by cheating admins 2 times. immature powercreeps and wipes every 3 weeks. no thanks, never again

That’s a risk you take when you find a dedicated server, but I’m pretty sure there are far more out there that are good compared to the ones people claim “admin abuse” on. Hell, to be honest, when people cry “admin abuse” it really makes me wonder if these people are the ones breaking the rules and being put in their place.

In the end, people determine what they’re willing to put up with. I just don’t get why people are willing to put up with the chaos I keep reading about on official servers over the chance that an admin will enforce server rules and/or be a jerk and abuse their power.

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Admin Abuse. The boogy man that happens far far less than the internet would have us believe.

I won’t play on a public server.


Just use a God. Most seem to destroy most or all of it.

That’s been my experience with Ark and 7 Days to Die. I played on several servers hosted by players and never had a problem. I even hosted my own 7D server for a while and it was great fun.

If people are really scared of admin abuse, they can host their own game. If a computer will run Conan, it’ll run a dedicated server with no problem.

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