Great Update and Changes.Thank You DEV team

I(+10k hrs) play tested beta client +50 hrs.Made a video on what needs changing regarding everything. (not gonna list it,no point.)

Just started fresh on official and played +8 hrs.
-Stamina is great! (Was really fun to see my character work and keep going.)
-Encumberance doesnt affect stamina regeneration anymore.(Amazing!)
(Its finally over, beeing a sitting duck when farming solo.)
Havent tried heavy armor tho.
I was very sceptical before the update but it is going in the right direction in my opinion.
Hopefully one day we will have official solo,duo,trio,etc… pvp servers.
With Raidtimes that are a bit less then 7 days a week 6 hours a day.

It was a pleasant surprise and i dont think ive ever posted something positive on the forums to be honest. :slight_smile:

Thank You.


Can you tell more about that please.

I havent done much so far, just running around killing npc’s and getting my base build up from scratch.I had a fight with another player but he was very unexperienced.

Couldnt kill him because i was level 30 with stone daggers and he level 60 with iron daggers.
Only 1 player on the entire server said the update was bad when i asked in global.27/40 online.

Its not so easy to get stuff going as during age of sorcery but it felt ok.Just find the bloodrocknoses and farm them for bloodcrystal.Trade in the crystal for magicashes and buy supplies.

It was fun.

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Thats great. At least someone who like new changes and have fun
Unfortunately a lot players don’t like new stamina, including myself


Thank you for posting this @S_A_R_G_E

A huge thank you indeed to the Funcom Dev staff, the Art & Design people and Denis & Co for continuing to bring newness and challenge to the overall game - and also for embracing the Modding and Player Community.

Thanks too to the Modders. Though the Core game is a ton of fun to play, for me, the Mods I use add more.

Also thanks to all the Testlive players and anyone correctly logging issues. We can see from patch notes that many are addressed during these quarterlly update cycles.

A fun game. Stuill playing. And still finding new things here and there after many months of playtime. Thank you!


I dont understand,in the past you couldnt go to brimstone lake alone because the moment you got loaded with mats you couldnt defend yourself.Now you can!
When climbing,running and jumping around on the map, you can keep going.No need to wait for +30 sec to regain stamina when climbing,etc…
The gameplay feels much smoother and faster.
If i now get chased by several people i can fight or run away.It will be a challenge for them to catch me and a challenge for me to split them up so i can fight 1vs1 in a fair fight.
Big clans wont be so powerfull because i have the same rundistance as they even when im carrying lots of stuff.
Just try and play for a longer time.My first impressions of the update are good.
If the purges are/will become like in the trailer.It will be a challenge to defend against them.
I say “Yes” good changes.

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Thanks to the modders indeed. We must thank them for all the mods that undo and/or fix all of the poor decisions made by Funcom and the Dev team. Especially with this update.


Yeah, only for PC private servers though. Everyone else has to pound salt.

Im enjoy it very much as well, combat is much more dynamic now and you actually have to pay attention and not just zone out. I’ll even admit i may be wrong about the changes to tethering (havent decided yet), but so far 10/10

Funny how you call me a troll for disagreeing with your negative thread, then go around and tear down any other thread that speaks positively about the update.

Your contributions are invaluable, as in they literally have no value. Thank you.

Anyways, to un-derail this thread; I enjoy the new stamina system a lot. It’s hard to get a full combo out and still have stamina left to move, but the regen makes it not as long of a threat. My biggest issue with the old system wasn’t about running out of stamina, but rather how long it took to bounce back from empty. This system gives and takes, in a way that gives combat a more lethal rhythm and emphasis on timing.


On default server settings… its kinda spammy once you have a few points in Grit. As in you can pretty much spam and lock down NPCs.

With a few tweaks however, it rocks pretty well.

Well, that’s just not true. Mods add extras to the game. Some mods will attempt to rollback on elements included/removed, and that offers Players the choice whether to use them or not. The Choice is the key.

This Update is the release of the Next Phase and made up of three chapters. Each Chapter will bring in further updates, enhancements and rebalances of the core and updated game. Each Update (and patches/hotfixes/etc) also brings along fixes for previous logged issues. Us petty mortals may only speculate on how the changes/additions/etc will affect the game.

Happily, we all have the choice. We can play completely unmodded, or solo, or PvP or PvE or even Roleplay. We can buy or not buy Bazaar items - and still be able to play a good game. And we have that choice to move to other games temporarily/permanently too.

All in all, a great all-round game (in my opinion :slight_smile: )

I agree, though I always like seeing opinions from all sides of the arena so to speak. The key, for me, is that Funcom give us the choice, and that makes it so much more fun! (which is the point of any great game)
ps: I should have added Moderators to my listlette of thanks :slight_smile: - Discord would be a heap of Urgh without it

Agreed. We have the choice to play a poorly managed game or mod it to be something amazing.

And to be clear I find mods like AoC to be a travesty and everyone involved should be ashamed of them selves. I use mods that fix long standing bugz Funcom doesn’t seem to care about, undo poorly conceived dev choices, frees up building so the carpentry bench stops being rude. Stuff like that.

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That be true. Which tweaklettes have you been throwing at your peasants? :slight_smile:

100% Agree. Loving the new updates. Fighting has been a lot of fun. Bosses are still pretty tough if you’re not using a cheat weapon like that former Heritance. LOVE that the weapons no longer last forever. Legendary weapons are worth the effort again. Gotta farm’em folks they cannot be repaired. And the new conversion timer…LOVE IT! A named thrall in one hour! I’ve taken new thralls through most locations and they’re not as weak as all the “nerf haters” have said. I haven’t lost a thrall to anyone yet. (knock on wood.) Even if I do, I’ll just farm a new one. No biggie. Toxic players will HATE these updates. They can’t scare people off of servers so easy now.


Well I hate the new update, the stamina regen and fighting is now a real bore . This game used to be fun lots of different fighting styles now its just hit and roll .


infinite roll-spam-stamina

This will also be used against you.

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