Green wall reporting?

Advice on reporting players who build on the other side of the green wall needed
It’s been a problem across official servers now for a while and usually just deal with it because…

Can you be banned your self for reporting said bases , technically I’m been forced to exploit to deal with them and get the screenshots needed to report them … ??


Likely could, but since the return time on Funcom dealing with exploiters is long, you still have time to enjoy the game after reporting them.

Yeh don’t think il risk it lol … I am not placing stuff in or out of the mesh tho it’s simply climbing to get too it ,but yeah the Conan gods are never kind too me so il just carry on climbing N moaning about it too my friends :slight_smile:


Ban the cheating c**ts who have a bases out side of the map


Well I can’t send new messages at the minute so gonna have to like some stuff

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Ye its redicouluse I messaged a dev 9 days ago about the problem and haven’t even had a reply back if they want people on there game sort it out with there new rules in place its a joke if anything more and more people are doing it. There’s only a hand full of lagit players left in this community and ■■■■■■ is pushing the people who play the game away.


Lolz I’m have to delete my comments but have ya 1st like too :smirk:


Estos siempre seguirá igual

Here a better answer stop playing on official and play oi n private server via pc trust me you will have better experience

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People always forget this:

There are no rules, promises, rights or anything other than the ones they themselves set. You are not entitled to anything because you own the game, regarding Official Servers or their use.

Contrary to what ANYONE might say, you buy the game as in “I have the game to play”, you dont buy access to servers, the grant of your things in those server, desires or playtime granted in those servers.

So while it might be frustrating sometimes to have to endure things while they might do something about your problems or not, they are not required or obligated in any way to do so, and playing in official servers is done under that understand.

There is nothing more to it. No “God given Right”, no “Lawful compromise”, or anything other than what is described in the aforementioned link.

Anyway to delete this thread I got the answer I was looking for in a message

See: Q. Why do you avoid Private Servers

On just how non-response that is.

Its implied. The fact Funcom have rules and conditions over the official servers means your argument both legally and commercially is just plain infactual. Disassociating the game from Official Servers is like making the argument “You buy WoW but you’re not entitled to the servers they come with”

I get so sick of this weak argument and escape hatch. As if to say the word “Official” has no semantic value at all, let’s just all ignore that specific word, skip over it and drop inflated arguments like “its just a complimentary service that has in now way responsibility tied to Funcom”

If that were so, then why have the terms/conditions attached to them. If Funcom and everyone agrees with your argument put forward, fine, delete them. Meh, i’d rather us all focus on jumpstarting the private server market better then having to be held hostage to the notion “Official” has implied links.

So no… your argument is very weak.

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That is what some say. There is nothing logic or reasonable to it though.
But hey, people believe there is a reason to believe the Earth is flat too.
So I just wish you a good life, and ignore you forever.

And I will repeat a quote again:

What said true but no way to play other than officall also not true u have single so buy game u get single officall opition rules and agrement are there like it or not if u buy play then u accept if dont then dont buy and play welcome to law and order X-p lol

Flat earth theory? … i feel you’re just jumping around now and avoiding your own point or something. Not sure wha to make of this response suffice to say, proxying your argument behind “some say” prefix isn’t doing the discussion any substance beyond you attempting to poke holes in a reasonable argument for why Official Servers are implied direct and legally linked to the brand Funcom.

Nobody stated that you didn’t have the option to opt-out of official and go your own way, however the game is designed with multi-player in mind so any discussion around “single player” is not representing the majority of game play fairly. The intention is to provide a guided and carefully curated experience of how the game as a baseline should be played in three modes - PVP, PVE and PVE-C. The servers are designed with that specific intent in mind.

If players wish to customize or go a different route, the 4th mode is available which is to take it offline or private.

To assert majority of the player base are misguided by associating the funcom brand with official servers is to effectively ignore the definition of official for one and secondly ignore the fact the filters alone have deliberately been designed to seperate “non-official” from “official”.

Two factors that get lost in this discussion :slight_smile: …but cherry picking facts is easier than apply logical objective overview of the situation at hand.

Cheating on official servers is eroding public faith in official usage of the game.

Refute that?


Yes cheaters are harming officials however most leave from those because they don’t have very thick skin me they wipe me I’m not going to quit just start building some and fight back but as always if you stay and get wipe over and over they will not be happy as you are not leaving which is what I do u be surprised how many get mad cause you won’t stay down and they get po and do something really stupid and well that’s the end persay. However I’m on Xbox so we cannot just get new account or family share in a pinch and if what they do is not allowed by Microsoft such as racism or threats I just call they they grab local authorities in severe cases or they get banned on Xbox itself. On pc as I don’t have Conan or ark or rust etc I don’t deal with that extra account stuff so.

Sorry I miss understood what you said with game being on official servers coming with game I thought you were implying that you have to go on a server. But yes the game was made for server use and originality it was only pvp and pve, pve-c and single weren’t around so this was built with that in mind but as always each server is different one you may get on is full of good and decent people that will follow the rules and the next full of those that cheat. But hey they just released some of that undermesh mechanic on pvp for now so it may get much better

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