Griefer Clan Spawn Blocking! PS4 Official Server 3593

For the past few days, the server has been battling with a clan which came on our server, leveled to 60 in a day, then set all clans a message from an alt account that the server was now “theirs”. They immediately blocked all brimstone locations with foundations. Blocking cave entrances And today, have begun walling off obilisks The clan name is called “Northerners”.

They have blocked the entirety of the Shattered Springs leaving behind large “LUL” shapes across the landscape to taunt players. The players in this clan are rarely seen offline. We believe they’re AFK, taking valuable spots away from others trying to log in.

At the moment, there are 6 “known” members in this clan.
They are as follows.

Known Northerners:
Extinction is coming
Dr Phil

And three alternate accounts they use to message players who have their mains blocked.


The server has gathered together to try and push back these griefers, however, during non-raid hours, they simply rebuild.

This clan has bragged about “wiping” other servers. It’s my hope that Funcom takes griefers like these seriously and will intervene where appropriate. These screen captures are only those I have access to but others have said that this clan has even gone as far as threatening to “DOX” players. At this point, I believe that moderator intervention is warranted.

I will post additional evidence as it comes available.


Dude, that’s messed up. Doxing players is probably the worst thing anyone could do. That by itself is unacceptable.

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Funcom save us!

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