Growing plants and crimson lotus issues?

So i am going to touch on this real quick as i have a few questions about it. As i am about to start a plant farm so i will not have to go to places as much to acquire certain plants like golden lotus black lotus crimson lotus. Originally to my knowledge growing a plant did not produce seeds? Has this been changed to where they will? If not why has this not been chaged? Secondly a quick question about crimson lotus does this plant still have a glitch preventing it from being ground up? I know that currently i cannot do anything with a sickle to this plant as it instant harvests it and gives me like two lotus blossoms. I am currently playing on ps4 server 3559 idk if this is a local or a game wide issue.

Crimson lotus is currently broken. You cannot harvest it with a sickle, and you cannot grind it into the powder that 3 different elixirs call for.

Wonderful hopefully this will be fixed this weekend as i am somewhat sure we will have a patch and the new content on that day. What about the other things i asked about?

Growing plants does not give seeds.

What works on PC (I hope for you that it works on the PS4, too) is that I can harvest the Crimson Lotus with a Hatchet or Pick for higher quantities, while the Sickle does not work.

We discovered that last night as well. But Crimson lotus is still broken in that there is no way to grind it into the powder needed for Attribute Buff elixirs. This is something Funcom really needs to fix, it’s rather simple to do, and they have known about it since release.

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