Guard thrall needs to be a thing

^Another type of battle thrall is needed

Guard thralls can be assigned to an area (circle with him/her as center), and he/she will operate the equipments (oil cauldron, catapult etc)if the enemy is in or around effective hitting area.

The level of the thrall determines it’s accuracy for things like catapult, and reaction speed for cauldron oil etc.
Also if he/she is carrying materials, he/she will fix damaged clan structures in the area (if recently damaged, he/she will have to wait a while like players do)


Well, I personally would like a much higher level of control for pets and thralls. One thing I really want is for thralls to call for help. Other thralls (pets too) would respond to this call for help depending on if you have them set to maintain position or respond to emergencies.


Lyserus, it would be great to see more thralls implemented in the game.

I like the idea Ultra. We have to look at it like this. If the enemies (NPC) are calling or yelling out to nearby enemies we would easily be taken down by their camp. Now converted to our own personal thrall , we could craft a whistle or an instrument of some sort , that would signal to other converted thralls trouble is present. I for one would love to see all my thralls on “every floor” of my multi-floor castles respond.

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A new type of thrall is not necessary to do this.
Give the thralls mode of behavior.
Following, self explanatory
Guarding, will interact with defensive or sound devices to alert
Defending, will defend area to the death
And other modes could be added to give diversity in the thralls. Give the types of thralls different actions when guarding, since not everyone would react the same to an alarm.


I would like to see an option to get a thrall to just stand there and stay out of my way :smiley:

I use the Captain in Sepermeru to knock out folks and he goes berserk on NPCs out of range and docile.

An update is apparently on the way. Someone on TestLive know anything new?

I notice that the AI for those in Set City are a bit wonky at times.

You can tell when someone there was recently in combat, they will no longer be neutral. If an animal or player engages a Set City NPC, they will attack anyone else that enters the area (unless they are eliminated and respawn).

When you use a Thrall to KO NPCs, they will actively look for the next enemy within there detect range. I have just not seen consisteny in this range.

I suppose I should have mentioned this is a single-player setup, client and server in my game room. If someone else was there, I hope she was pretty :slight_smile:

I have found the above to happen, especially around the campfire, when I fail to eliminate all the previous NPCs. I don’t think they ‘wake up’ mad, just despawn. When there is a named thrall at the campfire, both the Captain and myself only use Truncheons. We leave a bunch of sleepers and I take the one I want.

Concur on the range inconsistency. He charges off like mad, sometimes leaving me with three NPCs. Fun times !

If you are on a local (offline) game the game may despawn NPCs that we’re knocked out, but on online the wake timer seems to only count if a player is near.

I once knocked a group of NPCs out to get the one I wanted, and the group was out cold a good 12 hours irl, since I did this the night before.
But the game does perform different based on if you have a server or using your computer resources to run the game.

More use for unneeded crafting thralls, be able to put them on other plases and operate elevator or somular stuff.

I think there should be a patrol captain NPC that leads a number of thralls you assign to him, with the max number dependent on his rank. They’ll bump into enemies and attack nearby camps to help you out, then return to base for a cooldown/healing period.

Give this man a beer!

As far as calling for help. Should put that war horn to actual use then just catching spit from useless interaction from yourself. having sentries on a wall then one blows it to call others when enemies appear close. Even for purges or player assaults. Horns on different walls to hear what side is being attacked.

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Yep this is a much better way of achieving the same thing.

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Just having a thrall lower the draw-bridge for you when they see you would make my day.
Would be incredible if they salute too, but not necessary.


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