Guardian mobs and Filth Guardian lore #8

I’m working on getting the Guardian achievement. Is there a “best” place to find Guardian mobs? Though depending on the answer I get to the question below, I might not bother since I’m doing it for the Filth Museum exhibit.
So, finally decided to work on my museum and randomly picked the “Filth” exhibit, blithely unaware of the issues with filth guardian lore #8. I had completed 4 pedestals before starting on filth guardian, so was none too happy to discover I need a lore that might be unattainable.
Apparently this lore is “Acquired by combining three Congealed Essences that drop from killing each Regional boss. Only the player combining the Essences will receive this piece of lore and only one Essence drops per kill” - TSWDB site. Absurd is the word that comes to mind. Is this info still accurate? How does one even get Congealed Essences and what “each Regional boss” are they talking about?

Regional bosses are the Dog (NE), Spider (Egypt), Bird (Transylvania), and Pig (Kaidan) Lair bosses-- when you loot a chest from a regular lair boss, the chest has a chance to drop the ritual for the corresponding regional. These bosses hit harder than normal lair bosses, and drop correspondingly larger distillates-- their chests, if blue, also have the chance to drop the Lair Regional Agents.

The Congealed Essences are tradeable/sellable, and drop from the corresponding boss. You might want to periodically search up Congealed in the Market Place – they aren’t often put up because they don’t sell for too much (most often I think they go for 200 ish? I don’t know, inventory management is terrible, so I don’t pick them up or even caches (because I don’t want to get several chains and then be all sortsa screwed when a boss chest needs opening)), so they might be a bit of a pain to get, however if you have bank space you could just bank them and keep an eye periodically for the ones you need.

Also, you might need all four, I believe the pig has a Congealed Essence too. Not 100% sure.

This was how it worked in the original Secret World, in Legends they’re much easier to come by. Join regional boss groups if you see any forming in Agartha and/or keep an eye on the auction house (I believe you want to search the “miscellaneous” category for the word “congealed” but I could be wrong, since I’m not in game to check :v:) and it shouldn’t take too long to get them all.

Thanks all for the advice - had no idea that one could find Congealed in the market place.

Now - guardian mobs. Anyone have thoughts about where to find them? Checking my achievements, I’ve killed 250 of them, though I have no idea when that happened lol

Replay " The Research of Tyler Freeborn" mission and you should get anywhere from 20 to 50 guardian kills during the “survive the ambush” section of the mission. You can even leave the area to “fail” the objective and reset to keep grinding guardian kills if you’re careful, otherwise you’ll have to finish the mission and wait for the CD.

Doing the spider regional gets a lot of guardian kills because each of the small spiders it summons count.

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It’s a really great resource for getting the farming achievements & gives quite a few nice shortcuts for some of the more hard to get achievements like djinns.

Hey! I’m a little late to respond, but TSWDB should now appropriately list the SWL method of obtaining Filth Guardians #8. Frankly, it should have before now, but apparently the last time I updated it, it didn’t stick around…

But it’s all fixed now!!!


Better late than never :slight_smile: Appreciate the update! Incidently, I was able to buy the 4 items needed for pretty darn cheap.

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