Event/ TSW-specific lore

I’m trying to track down lore for a character, and I’ve made good progress, but there are some issues I’m not sure how to address, and my own IRL investigation into it has been fairly fruitless, so I figured I’d check here.

Some of the lore seems to be tied to content that isn’t available any longer- some is seasonal, so I know I’ll have a chance to go for it when it comes up, but is the Whispering Tide event going to run again? How about the anniversary event with the golems, without which I cannot get the happy feet achievement and complete the golem bestiary entry (or the automaton wing of the museum)? Is the Agartha Defiled raid available, so I can complete the Filth Guardian lore entry (or was it reconfigured into the soloable simulation in Venice?)

Please let me know.

Whispering Tide will presumably not occur again; unlike ‘normal’ seasonals, it has been moved to a special section in the lore/achievemnt interface.

‘Normal’ seasonals will presumably return with more content added each year, just like it was done in TSW.

The golem event will presumably be the next big event in SWL.

Filth Guardians legend, I think you’re probably talking about #7? That should drop from Agartha Portal megabosses these days.

Seasonal lore is currently unavailable (Krampusnacht, Guardians of Gaia, The Cat God), but should come back again or should be made available when the event occurs.

All Whispering Tide lore is in game and available. All golem bestiary lore is in game and available (one is no longer tied to the Happy Feet achievement, though it’s still a bit tricky to get). A number of lores were moved from where they were in TSW and many of the popular guides haven’t been updated.

https://www.curseforge.com/swlegends/tswl-mods/lorehound and https://swl.curseforge.com/projects/lassies-waypoints are good ways to find most hidden lore.

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7 and 8 both; I guess I’ve got more looking to do. Thanks for the help.

Oh, right. Number 8. That’s simple once you’ve killed enough regional bosses to have collected four different congealed essences.

Or you can try buying those congealed essences off the AH. For the endgame crowd, those things basically drop like candy, so they’re probably just a couple hundred MoF a piece these days.

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