Congealed Disgust - Is there a trick to this?

I’ve been trying to get the Champion ‘Congealed Disgust’ for a few days now. Apparently it drops on you when you tag a Bird during the ‘Tenebrous Sky’ mission. There is indeed something dropping… but it’s just a stain of filth (Sometimes not even that. Just the filth effect when you walk around the area.). Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Nothing wrong, that’s the way it works. Some folks say the ploop needs to hit you, other says it doesn’t matter. It’s random if it spawns.

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Alright, thanks.
Guess I’ll have to pray to RNJesus for a while.

That’s weird though, I remember seeing that thing a lot back then but I think I haven’t see it for months now. Random is harsh, good to know it’s still there.

don’t forget that the main place most people like to shoot flappies is down near jung, and that is actually the worst place to try and spawn congealed disgust. jung, like all npcs, has an ‘anti aggro’ area that causes enemies to run away when they enter it. his area covers nearly the entire playground. and congealed disgust will not spawn inside that area. though there are a few points in the playground that he will spawn (mostly along the furthest walls from jung) and is known to attack the slide for hours for some reason, if he does show up there

i always had the best chances spawning congealed disgust up at the train with the conductor, the walkway pretty much right above the conductor

I usually go around the outskirts of the Orochi Projects, but I’m going to test more spots.

I’ve spawned the champ numerious times in the playground. The deaggro area, from my experience, is not that large around the npc.

I see it most often on the clubhouse side of the projects on the road that leads to the trains, and it does seem to spawn more often when it hits me.

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