Just some questions from a long time player

I know during a purge when I played before the purge would spawn inside your base at times. Has this been fixed or will it? My other question is does how you build your base ie on a mountain top effect how purge enemies spawn?‬ It always seemed to me the more defensive I built the base, the more likely the purge would spawn inside or behind walls.

Also on the dev stream it was mentioned new legendary armor pieces and bosses inside the Unamed City. My question is there plans for legendary katanas?

The game has come such along way since early release and it just keeps getting better. Thank you to every one who has helped make this game so amazing.

From my understanding, the “inside” the base purge is triggered when you create a base that has no possible appoach path for normal purge enemies.

As an extreme example, say you took an island on the east side of the map and made the entire island into your base, built a base completely surrounded by water, or covered an entire plateau with your base, there would be no path for normal purge enemies. Therefore, you would face the inside base purge.

If, you built a base that is surrounded by water on 3 sides but touches the beach of the mainland or large enough island, you would face a normal purge. Or at least this is what i have seen and seems to be the prevailing opinion of those i have played with.


Musashi Blade is the katana legendary. It can be spawned in from the admin, but I think/hope it is in the next patch, if not already. Legendary being random makes it hard for me to confirm is is in game already.

@Critter667 is correct. And i think it ahs been working like that. There are the occasional bugs on the island thing, as sometimes they spawn in the water, which makes it a pain to kill them.

And since mid october, purges have been working for me…almost too much :slight_smile:
Doesn’t mean they are working to the dgree intended, but are functional and been quite a great break from pvp grind tbh.

I have four heavily fortified bases, with strong walls blocking any natural access points (but I made sure there are some natural access points so the Purge will have a path in and doesn’t spawn inside), and an army of archers on those walls defending them. The Purge has never even tried to touch those bases.

I also have two undefended newbie bases. My original base near Mitra’s Shrine between Darfari and Black Hand lands which I basically abandoned a long time ago but never bothered to dismantle (my single-player mode doesn’t have a decay timer), and a small camp near Exile Camp 24 for recruiting named artisans. The Purge always hits one of those two. Just yesterday I had to fight off a horde of naked and hungry Darfari, and accidentally killed a named cook. Bah.

But all Purges spawn outside my bases and walk neatly towards me on predictable routes, so my guess is that as long as you don’t make your bases too unapproachable you’ll be safe from teleporter attacks.

Which is a pity, I always wanted to build a big castle on a tall plateau. I guess I’ll just have to connect it to the town I’m building below the plateau.

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Honestly, you can build a plateau castle. The trick is to connect it to the ground floor. For example, i built a castle near the waterfalls above the savanna area. The castle was in a great spot because you could look out the back and watch sandstorms roll across the landscape but would not touch the castle. It made for a wonderful view.
To get down both the front and back sides, i used elevators, and had foundation pieces connecting the castle to the ground the whole way down as you needed at least 2 elevators in front and 5 in the back.

When purged, the attacks came at the base of the elevator shafts. The only problem was having to travel from front and back to clear both sides. I lost some structure but nothing that would prevent access or limit me.


@WhatMightHaveBeen I don’t think the Musashi is a legendary. I went into private game and looked at it stats. It true is base damage is higher then any katana you can craft, even with advanced damage upgrade. But it is mid grade and even with out “legendary” on the stats somwhere the duriablity is just average.

Still that being said I freaking want that in the game lol. I could see it being a dungeon recipe we learn.

@Critter667 thank you for the help. I think my problem is I do not connect my elevator towers to my actual base. They are always free standing little building on the edge of the Plateau.