GUI updates and other improvments

Add a health bar for your thrall under your own so its easier to manage.
Scrolling combat text
Ability to instruct thralls to say mine stone or get wood etc.
Extra bars to add more items like combat bar for weapons and building bar for building. Scroll able would work.
Make the bars smaller insize to instead of huge squares on them. Side bars would be fun too.
Ability to change and move the GUI around.
Fix it so Thralls and pets and NPC’s cannot pin you down or against walls etc. (Thralls are always blocking doorways, Rhinos stand on you etc)

Why u want them to mine for you lol. Isnt it enough that u can go though a dungeon without doing nada? Now people want their thralls to farm for them aswell. Omg. This is the problem, to many of these suggestions in the forum that gonna make the game die in the end.

the thrall update that is on testlive now, has a move command hot keyed


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