Seperate Skill bar for thralls needed

The Update is good, but we need something faster. Having to go onto the thrall interaction panel to make settings is tedious. It would be much simpler to make a separate skill bar for thralls in the player UI. THere we can set 8 characteristics we choose to have on a bar above the current skill bar. Would make it much easier and more clearer as trying to change setting in the middle of a fight is basically impossible. This would be possible by using the f1-f8 buttons.


Thank you for your input Zealous_Chaos, we’ll take note of your suggestion.

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Highly desirable, but not a clue how to design it. Currently on testlive:

  • There is no way to determine each ‘state’ for each thrall, and there are a lot of them.
  • The only way to define each state is to set them one by one for each thrall; Crom help me if something disturbs that since I have to start over.
  • The two suggestions earlier would shorten that process, but it’s still a process that I would like to do once, then review it:
  • Follower interface interaction
  • Follower interface (QOL)

Followers III ?



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