(guide) Ape fist / Tree of Enlightenment locations

Improved version in spreadsheet form here a link

The guide on AO universe website (Temple of Three Winds Loot Table • AO-Universe) lacks a few (34 in total) book drop locations. In the list below, these “missing from ao universe” are given an asterisk " * " .

  • bold like this = i have personally seen it drop as of august 23rd 2019.
  • “not bold” = it means that AO universe guide says it drops from that mob, but i have not personally seen it drop yet.
  • " * " = When there is an asterisk it means that i have seen it drop, although it is not listed on AO universe.

Ape Fist of Khalum

This MA attack is available only to the Martial Artist profession. It has the shortest cooldown of the “martial arts” skill locking stun attacks, making it the best for stunning on a regular basis, which makes this one of the most regretable items to miss out on , if u forgot to get it in ToTW.

ape 1

  • Nathan the Faithful , Oran the Faithful , Pallen the Faithful*

ape 2

  • Nathan the Faithful , Reverend Oluay , Pallen the Faithful

ape 3

  • Acolyte Amber , Acolyte Dominic , Acolyte Opet , Acolyte Verona , Acolyte Seleen* ,

ape 4

  • Acolyte Betany , Acolyte Dominic , Acolyte Felid , Acolyte Kellian , Reverend Saxx , Acolyte Seleen* , Reverend Cadelly*

ape 5

  • Acolyte Betany , Reverend Dashell , Exarch Ecclese , Exarch Gevarain , Acolyte Kalen , Acolyte Kellian , Exarch Li-Po , Acolyte Opet , Exarch Pilvar , Reverend Saxx , Exarch Truan , Acolyte Verona , Windcaller Tilla ,

Tree of Enlightenment

At later levels you will be able to get " The Wizdom of Huzzum" which is a better version of tree, so there is no massive pressure to get this one complete.

tree 1

  • Caska the Faithful , Murial the Faithful , Pallen the Faithful

tree 2

  • Murial the Faithful

tree 3

  • Acolyte Betany , Acolyte Dominic , Reverend Julaan , Acolyte Kellian ,Reverend Dashell* ,

tree 4

  • Acolyte Dominic , Acolyte Felid , Acolyte Opet , Acolyte Kalen* ,

tree 5

  • Acolyte Betany , Acolyte Bryant , Acolyte Dominic , Acolyte Felid , Reverend Julaan , Exarch Li-Po , Acolyte Opet , Exarch Pilvar , Windcaller Rendal , Reverend Saxx , Acolyte Verona , Exarch Ecclese* , Exarch Truan*(recently discovered) ,

tree 6

  • Acolyte Betany , Reverend Cadelly , Acolyte Dominic , Exarch Ecclese , Exarch Gevarain , Reverend Julaan , Exarch Li-Po , Exarch Pilvar , Windcaller Rendal , Acolyte Seleen , Acolyte Verona , Windcaller Donnel*

Mob locations

amber 		east end
azzy		east end
betany		west side 
bryant    	east end 
Cadelly		east side  
caska		west of DOT
cyth		east end
curator 	north end
Dashell   	east end 
Defender of 3	halfway 
dominic		west of Defender of 3
Donnel 	        east end 
Ecclese  	east end 
eternal guard	east
felid		east side
Gartua		east 
Gevarain  	end north side 
GoT		east 
gulard		west 
hyuan		east side
julaan		east 
julaan cultist 	east
Kalen     	east end  
Kellian  	east of Defender of 3 
khalum 	        east end
lien 	        end west
Li-Po    	end north			
Murial  	east end   
Malikai 	north beginning
nathan	        east side early
Nematet         north end
Opet      	end north side
Oluay		beginning
Oran 		beginning
Pallen  	east end
Pilvar     	east end
reanimator   	west side 
Rendal  	end north side
Saxx 		east end 
seleen		beginning  
Tilla 		east end
truan		east end   
uklesh 		east end
Verona          east end
yatila		west
Yen 		end north side

Did you forward the updates to AO Universe? Khori at AOU always fixes this sort of thing.


I posted the info in the AOU thread. I wonder how they will approach, third party information.


Eh, you’ve done your best to help out, and that’s all that can be done. The rest is up to them :stuck_out_tongue:

There once was a high quality TOTW website - now long gone. Lots of screenshots of mobs and detailed descriptions about rooms and item drops. I’ve tried to find it via the waybackmachine, but so far have failed to locate it.

This? https://web.archive.org/web/20050125200008/http://aomainframe.webb.se/![aomainframe|688x500](upload://hPvmwg9YU1gsarMBaRVBZzdQAes.png)

You’ll need to click on the DAMAGE SIM tool bar link.

Saavick is pretty good at locating this sort of stuff.


This was on the aomaniframe tool download listing: Skill emulator v3.0 : Anarchy Online Community : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive but I think it’s just the old ao skill emulator by Darkbane ( I can’t deploy this stuff on work computers to check.)

yet another buff list: Anarchy Mainframe

The old ToTW Guide website.





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Thank you very much for this information @PoisonOrochi! :heart:

I have updated the guide on AO-Universe to mention all the drop locations that you have personally confirmed (bold, bold with asterisk). I have also chosen to remove the ones mentioned in the guide, but not confirmed by you. While I suspect all or most of them are probably accurate, I feel recent confirmations are more valuable than exhaustiveness.

I have added your name to the credits and included a link to this thread.

ToTW map sans location labels and monster names.

been a while, but for some reason I have no idea how to combine and make a complete book to turn is to the hermit.
How to combine books ?!!??

Hermit won’t take them unless it’s a complete book

Figured it out, weird way, combine 2 into 1, 3 into 2, ect:
kinda backwards going forward :upside_down_face: