[Guide] Temple of the Three Winds (201+ raid instance)

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I’ve been working on a guide for the newly added Temple of the Three Winds raid instance, and although it’s not quite done yet, I feel it’s at a point where I can share it and get feedback on it.

You can find the guide here on AO-Universe.

If you spot any mistakes I may have made, or if you have information I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment on either AO-Universe or here. Especially if you have loot details to share, I would encourage you to make a screenshot to get everything as accurate as possible.

Thanks to Lucier, Sferykal, Bouffi, Xnanofu, Everq, Makforcer and Kucesshadow for the teaming fun and the patience while I was making screenshots and notes :heart:


Way to Go Saavick! YAY!

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Just some additional info:

Binyacht the Faithful drops the Corrupted Edge

Acolytes initiative debuffs are AOE

Windcallers cast fears

The immortal summoner has a mind control special on whoever he is aggroing, and drops the new urn/bone staff

For Lien you should probably note the mannequins spawn whenever he teleports away and do an aoe snare

You might also want to note the NSD from Aegis is AOE on the tank

I’ll post more loot info for you when I’m at my pc


Loot I’ve gotten(sorry I didn’t take any screenshots):

The Loremaster:
Blessing of the Gripper

Nematets Third Eye
Wit of the Immortal
Grasp of the Immortal

Aegis of Tomorrow:
Aegis Circuit Board

Inner Piece
Keeper’s Vigor

Ceremonial Blade
Strength of the Immortal
Descecrated Flesh

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Thanks so much Hip! :blush:

Loremaster: Knowledge of the Immortal One

Aztur: Envoy of Chaos

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Thanks! I’ve added them :blush:

Small typo on my end, it’s “Envoy to Chaos”, not “Envoy of Chaos” :sweat_smile:

All good, I !itemsed it to check the exact wording :blue_heart:

Currently the following items are still unaccounted for. Does anyone have any confirmed drops of these?

Notum Graft
Suspected drop from Guardian of the Three, based on Notum Splice.
Confirmed by Natu; it dropped from Nematet.

Sacred Chalice
Suspected drop from Nematet the Subjugator of Time, based on Temporal Chalice.
Confirmed by Farmed; it dropped from Aztur.

Twilight Entreatment Armor (Helmet)
Not sure who might drop this. Maybe every boss that can drop twilight armour, can drop all parts, or maybe they drop specific ones?

Stampede of the Boar
Sting of the Viper
Maybe every boss that can drop a book, can drop all books, or maybe they drop specific ones?

Other details, on loot or otherwise, are also very much appreciated.