[Guide] Condemned Subway raid

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I’ve had a few opportunities to try the new Subway raid instance on the test server already, and based on that I made a map of it. Sometime soon™ I’ll turn it into a proper guide on AO-Universe, but I thought it might be worth sharing the map already.

I’ve done my best to do the positioning of the various rooms in a way that matches the original Subway and the way it “feels” when you fight your way through it. For those interested, the actual in-game mini map looks like this:



A guide is now available on AO Universe:

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don’t have acc on AOU, so I will post my 3 cents here :smiley:

  • I did Subway 4 times already, killed 25 bosses (only 1 time succeed on Eumenides). I never saw that stim dropping :confused:
  • Some mobs, probably Neural Burnout, acts like NTs in PvP and they can cancel enfos behe. So tanks must watch their NCU proir killing boss (most notably prior Abmouth)
  • Enforcer RAGE cancels some morphs and nanos casted by Eumenides (even some morphs)
  • Having high NR (around 4k) helps to counter pretty much of adds nanos
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Why would you post spoilers in the First week this content is live??

Is that forbidden? Because I discovered some other things :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people prefer figuring it out themselves, others appreciate going in prepared. Both options are fine. I labeled this thread with [Guide] so players can choose for themselves whether or not they want spoilers.

Edit: I have added a spoiler tag for clarity. Thanks @Melcom for letting me know this is a thing I can do :wink:

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So, after grinding Subway in hardcore mode I found what seems to be best team setup to make it as smooth as possible.

Defensive Team setup with DD
2x Keeper
1x Engi
1x Adv
1x Doc
1x Soldier (tank - mus be good DD)
Keeper Nr1 runs:
Reflect Aura
Ambient Restoration proc
Righteus Smite proc

Keeper Nr2 runs:
Honor Restored proc
Symbiotic Bypass proc

Adv is with Lizard aura

This team setup provides tons of heals (from Adv, doc, auras, procs), tons of ADD, steady DD, and safe tanking on Vergil. At Abby engi can be replaced with crat.

Also, I think second Adv/MA could be use instead of doc, if team has a crat (and no engi). Since we killed Vergil couple of times w/o doc.

Enforcer is completly no needed.

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