Guild stolen by game masters?

I have been the guild leader of ‘mano negra’ since some years ago when we disbanded.

Today I logged to the game to renew my yearly subscription, and I found that I was no longer a member of the guild.

How do you dare to pass the guild leader to somebody else when my account is still premium ?

Is this your way to deal with customers after 15 years almost subbed to the game ?

If the guild leading character has been offline for more than 90 days leadership can be passed on to another character (depending off its rank and offline times of higher ranked ones) if requested by that player via petition. This has always been that way, and never had anything to do with premium. The new leader probably kicked you.

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I am still invetigating the issue. It seems like that is what happened, but this is absolutely unfair. Not to comment that he stole all my precious materials that I had in the guild bank to save inventory space, and thousands of gold.

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