Gutted isn't the word....AO 2019

I have been dreaming about Vanilla AO…

No other MMO has held my heart like AO has.
I seem to compare every game I play with AO and they all end up getting boring and/or disappointing.

Anyways, I was so excited when I checked into anarchy online to see that a new server had been made… I was thinking to myself “Notum wars server???”

I lost interest with all the expansions eventually because it just made everyone into cookie cutter builds and you had to have this or that. Everybody is practically set up the same.

The customisation on Vanilla AO is amazing… your not stuck to certain weapon types or certain builds just because of your class and perks etc.

So my point… Funcom I’m really gutted, I was prepared to pay a 12month sub right away to get playing.
A progression server over a year is a bad idea, we are a sandbox mmo right? You play how you want to, if someone wanted the progression they could do that in their own bubble on the main server.

This should be Notum Wars only, think about the twinks we could have at different level brackets, the PvP and real conflict of Clan and Omni again.

My fondest memories of this game was when Rome was alive and there was many a twinks outside the subway. Nostalgia mmm

I’m rambling, but you wanted feedback, and this is mine. I truly hope you reconsider your idea of progression server and stick to the Vanilla experience most of your true passionate fans are hoping for… Go on think about it, vanilla for 1 year and then decide.

Forget about dailies or anything easymode like that. The real levelling how it used to be. Team missions, I miss them.

I considered subbing for 1 month just for the lowbie experience, but it would just be disappointing and overwhelming when SL got released, too much to do in such a short time and why waste that time when you could spend it on the server that will still be alive.


Have You played in Shadowlands? Have You raided beast/apf/etc? The expansions are part of the game. FC made them to get more money, I doubt they would consider not launching them.It just brings more money.
Also, consider reading other threads…(especially the “Shadowlands release” one… this has been discussed multiple times.


I’m with the OP. Those who prefer the fantasy mess of SL can play it right now on the regular server. There are a lot of us who came back for the AO we remember from launch through to Notum Wars. All we are asking for is a server where we can enjoy that experience and not have everything spoiled by SL content and loot. SL killed the game for me and I remember clearly watching all the lights go out on my huge once active friend list shortly after its arrival. It was the expansion no one asked for. I remember the org I was in just withering away on the vine as people grew dismayed at the content and theme. Turned our great game bad. AO took a huge population dip after that and I was among them after toiling through SL for a few months.

I’ve said it before, I’d happily pay $20/month for a Vanilla AO server.


Have you been on the regular server? It’s dead. Its population is dead, its economy is dead. And the economy isn’t dead only because of SL, but because of the exploiters.
This case is similar to World of Warcraft. Most of the veteran players love Vanilla WoW, because they are used to it, or they started in Vanilla WoW. Every time a new expansion comes out, they cry because they didn’t ask for it, they don’t want it, etc. It’s exactly the same with the population of AO. I played pre and past SL, and in my opinion SL is one of the best expansions in the game… the story, the equipments, the locations and the music are fabulous. The froob content is just a trial that shows around 15% of the game.
This is my opinion, of course I respect the opinions of the pro-vanilla AO players.


Yes I’ve played through all the content the game has to offer, and had a lot of fun.
The days when twinking with implants and the customisation, choosing a little attack bonus or defence etc etc, rather than getting every stat because of symbs and ai armors.

All I’m trying to say is, going ahead opening a new server after merging rk1/2/3 together…
The only.point would be for a vanilla experience. Not progression, what’s the point offering the same product as the main server over time? Just splitting the population unessecarly.

I believe funcom would have more subs as a lot of old school players could return. The ones who got sick of everything you mentioned over time, and would like that fresh vanilla AO feel, even for nostalgia sake.


It was clear from the beginning that RK2019 will be a PROGRESSION SERVER , LIMITED to 1 YEAR with EXPANSION RELEASE in Order released back in the past. - So I’ll don’t get this mimimi? If you only want to play RK don’t upgrade your account and you can get if ffa on RK 5.


I’ve been playing AO off and on since 2001.

More off than on, since I only played AO because so many members of my EQ guild wanted to try it.

Now, I’m the only one left. And it’s been that way since 2002 or so, when we again split, some going back to EQ, and some later to SWG.

But yet I’ve persevered, but rarely joining another guild, because I have zero interest in PvP, so have mostly soloed.

A few days ago, on RK2019, I was surprised by someone in the backyard inviting me to a group. That never happens to me on the regular server, ya know?

We moved to Subway, where he invited anyone that was groupable with level 5’s, and we ended up camping for OFAB weapons.

It was the most fun I’ve had playing AO in years.


The same could be said of you going back to RK5 to play your expansion content. You have that option. People who just want classic AO have nowhere to go. We’re posting in the hope that FC see there is an interest and do something about it. If not then at least we tried and we’ll be gone until such a server is opened. Hopefully this won’t be the death knell of AO.

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It may look that way initially, but remember you are asking for something that isn’t currently offered (a permanently vanilla only server), that has a close analogy on ‘old’ RK (froob sub). For people interested in a progression server, RK2019 fits that exactly. And frankly I play on both!

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You expansion lovers don’t understand, we want a server where everyone is on a level pegging, all with the “fr00b” content, real old school raids and RK content. Let’s make Rubi Ka alive again and not just some dead content.

I want to play with other players in that style, and a lot of others do too.

Progression server is just a waste of time in my eyes, I don’t have the time to farm everything and level a maxed 220, I would much rather have the RK content to play with because, there is a lot to do. And when you are playing with the original items, it’s a real challenge.

Vanilla AO is the only way I will ever resub here, I have a load of fr00b toons on main server but it gets boring fast, everyone has expansions mostly and very few fr00b teams about… And when you do wanna do some Rk content as froob, 90% of time you get expansion players just come and steam roll through

And not to mention all the grinding needed to gear up in SL, LE and AI, that’s a long term investment that can’t be done on a progression server, again waste of time.

Players are there for nostalgia and the real nostalgia is Vanilla… I bet players would stick around there, especially if we could get proper tower fights etc.

I think I do understand, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree. And while it’s not what I’m personally after, I don’t have an issue with you asking for it. If I have taken issue, it’s with the view that:

It’s clearly not the only point. I get that it’s the only one that interests you, but you’ve then put yourself in the position you’re claiming about “expansion lovers” of not understanding anyone else’s perspective.

Some people want a vanilla experience. Some people like the idea of a progression server.

We’re currently being offered a progression server. You’ve stated it’s not for you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not for anyone.


We don’t need all these shiny items with mass amounts of buffs on them, the old school items were more interesting and you had to pick and choose your stats and implants to suit your toon.

Farming all Rk buffing items and leveling toons to 200 is enough farming for a potentially 1 year server…

Anyways I’ll give up now, i hope you can offer what a lot of players are wanting funcom… I so want to play… I just know as soon as SL is released my passion to play will dwindle as the overwhelming amount of farming needed to compete, especially when I work 50 hours a week and barely have time during the week to play. Not gonna happen, and I believe most others will be in the same boat now… We ain’t young n’s no more…

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“We aint no young ns anymore…”?!
While some players do want the classic experience, its far from everyone, and we do actually pay for the expansions, and we expect to play them on the progression server eventually.
Just keep in mind that while you love being able to play with everyone on RK, because everyone is about the same level.
If it was a perpetual classic server, then the people who wants expansions will eventually go away, then what is left?

Farming endgame gear takes just as much if not more time pre-SL.

You never liked SL or did you just not get the hang of it?
It is probably one of the best expansions for any game ever made, and that basicly says it all.
The story of the game is very tied to the shadowlands.

So as the Rolling Stones said, “you cant always get what you want”.

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For me the “golden age” of AO was with the base game + SL existed. The problems with over-gearing, broken items etc came with Alien Invasion and everything after that. Even while we had SL and Inferno raids we also had Rubi-Ka raids against Mercs, Smug, Hollow Island, Towerfights and so on. Shadowlands was a fantastic expansion, thematically, musically and while i am sure some would prefer to have just the base game i personally really long to explore Elysium again. It’s been too long.


You still can, just not on the RK2019 server.

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I don’t think people realize how little content in the game there is from like 150-200. On top of that, the leveling is obnoxiously slow and the amount of people who will actually make it anywhere even close to 200 is tiny. One thing I have noticed from the “never expantioners” is that everyone else’s opinion is garbage or you simply “don’t understand” if you disagree with them. I am having the most fun I have had in a long time playing RK19. With that being said, I simply cannot wait until SL and the other expansions come out. :slight_smile:


so you dont want SL… you wanna keep it simple and play your 2 button class. could just play AO on gameboy in the RK setting. thats how complex it is atm :smiley: gameplay wise.

we need SL, ASAP. dont wanna miss out on all the great content it offers.

also: it was allrdy stated, that fc is going to open SL next.


Simple? haha. How then is SL any different? Oh you mean complex things like having to replace your nanos with SL versions, chasing floaty unicorns and farming mats. So very complex indeed if complex means sat on your ■■■■ grinding for hours in a third rate fantasy setting that smothered a great and original game concept with an EQ clone.

Your idea that SL is great content is subjective and if I and others respect that you like it then do us the courtesy of respecting that we think its crap.

But yes FC said this is a progression server so we’ll be leaving you alone once SL drops. We are being vocal in the hope FC will consider a vanilla or Notum Wars only server in the near future.

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I think those who love RK only content should just gather in a group/org/etc and start playing as froobs on the old server. That wouldn’t solve the “we want vanilla progression server” problem, but if the RK loving community would stick together, you could level together, trade between yourselves etc…