Hackers And Stalkers Help please had enough

We are being chased across servers being stalked and harassed by people who also are hacking and have multiple vac bans on conan already. if this problem isn’t dealt with immediately I want a refund. I just want to play the game the way it is meant to be played. and they are chasing us everywhere. glitching over spike walls. can heal threw bleed and poison. one shot people with heavy silent legion armor with a Cimmerian axe. please help I have had enough. its not fun anymore. and the game just was released.

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how do they find you?? Are you Streaming or somethinig`? If they find you using steam you can contact steam Support and they can do something if These ppl Keep joing the same game you on.

It seems like something might be left out here. Please contact us at help.funcom.com/ so that you can share some additional information with us.

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