Halloween? Bugs and more

I assume these missions are special for Halloween as Madame Roget has never had them before.
The Meowling is broken. Tier 2 is to talk to Andy about his cat. No matter how many times you talk to him about kittens nothing happens.
The Cat God is broken. There is no mission marker at all, period, so there is no mission apparently. Guides from years ago say the entrance is in Blue Mountain, but the only thing near the alleged coordinates is a little tunnel in the rock that says you don’t meet requirements to enter, and apparently there should be a portal.

The pale horse tends to go silent, the clip clop of running vanishes randomly.

Flare guns (mission item) don’t work. You can shoot a flare, but it does nothing. See Dawning of an Endless Night where you have to go into the mine shaft. It’s dark down there, no mission marker indicator (another bug), no map (annoying), and the flare gun you stumble across does nothing. So you run around in the dark aimlessly with no sense of direction until finally finding the Guardian and moving forward. Side note, how the heck do you get back outside after the shadows knock you out? Bit of story telling gap there…

I have something called Well-Used Medallion. No idea where it came from, been stuck with it for months. Can’t delete it, can’t sell it, and it’s a useless item (+5 HP neck talisman). This is very annoying taking up space for no reason, and clearly should not be permanent junk in your inventory.

Petitions don’t work well, there is no indication they are ever updated. Most times they are not responded to at all.

New UI bug added in the last update or so, every time you interact with an item you change to mouse mode (as if you hit Alt) and have to hit Esc or Alt to get back game control.

Work for me ever time.

No, there is not. You are asked to find a ritual site. If you’ve played through Solomon Island, you’d come across this (and the mission is changed from the TSW days, so it’s not an entrance where is was there). It’s intended to be investigation-y. If you can’t find it, ask around. Hint: blood, stone.

Have you fiddled with settings and turned off too much gfx?

Again, this game won’t hold your hand all the time. You’re supposed to find you way in the dark without help.


IIRC this was given when you got the fuse tutorial. Just melt it into another item.


In addition to Norvavind’s response…

I’ve never had a petition ignored in all my years of playing. Either a GM responds via /tell if you’re online, or, if they miss you, the petition (inside of the help window) gets updated with a response. There’s even a pink indicator icon when they do (bottom right corner).


You might also consider looking at a walk-through of the mission, Ebonweaver, if you’re stuck.

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Each topic can be asked about until the topic turns Grey. The change in mission objective happens after the second time you click it. That particular topic you can click three times.

Won’t be the first nor last mission without an indicator. Very typical for investigations. The mission was changed when moved to SWL so use the new guide, it exists.


You get knocked out. Your character wouldn’t ‘know’ how they got out.

You didnt pay attention to your fusion guide, which you got when your first talisman hit lvl 20 green. The item is a free 2nd lvl 20 green, which you use for fusion fodder. Same happens when first weapon turns 20 green…

Check your keybinds.

As for petition. They have always been quick, polite and friendly. /petition to check the status. They are currently fighting to catch up since Florence forced them out of office, so might take a little longer.

With All that said, recheck your end of things before throwing bug every where. Whether or not you intended it, you come off a bit aggressive, which there is little reason to. Consider this reluctant help.


There is no mission marker until you storywise find the mission by completing The Meowling. After that, it’s right there on the map.

Given the above, if you can see The Cat God at Madame Roget despite never having completed The Meowling, that might actually qualify as a bug.

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I know @Nordavind already said this, but it’s worth reinforcing that mission guides from years ago (on a range of sites) may be out of date, as many steps have been changed. If you’re looking in BM, you’re in the wrong zone for SWL.

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