Halloween event on Private server

Hello all, do we know how the Halloween event will work on private servers?
Are we going to be able to trigger it via some admin commands?

Can we have some explanation about this?


Hi @Maggie

Yes, the Halloween event will be enabled by default once the Event goes live and you can use commands to control the Halloween meteor spawn timer and meteor decay timer. These don’t have a dedicated UI so you will have to either use the .ini files or the in game console command line:

HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer Y
HalloweenMeteorDecayTimer X

The first setting is how long between possible meteor-showers, while the second one is how long meteors on the ground should last, where X and Y are set in seconds (ie, 1200 = 20 minutes)


Pumpkin meteors? This is going to be funky to say the least. What will come out of them? Surprise? A Superman clon?, sounds fun, I 'm not a fan of these events, but any new curious things are welcome.

What about on single player? I play single player PS4. And is it just on Halloween or is it more than one day? Like what start date?

It will be the same for single player :slight_smile:
We’ve just discussed it today and it’s important to us that you will see those showers during the event (which will run for a week and start on the 31st but more on this tomorrow during our stream). These are also different from the normal StarMetal Meteors.


Thank you for the response. I appreciate it and cant wait to try this out.

A full week, eh? Neat!

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How about for the ps4 private server? Can’t seem to find these settings? Are they in gportal server settings? Curious

What is the chance a meteor hits you?, and what are the… consquences? just curious.

Big hit to fps & everything dark blue for an entire week - really…?

Call me old Mr Grumpy, but I am with you 100% on this. I started with CE a few weeks ago, really enjoying the game and the immersion. When I saw the patch today I thought "great, some bugs going to be fixed " but instead a cheesy WoW style seasonal event. What next? An Easter bunny combat pet? A Christmas meteor shower of plum puddings? Robert E Howard must be turning in his grave.

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I would take that. Go Watch Monty Pythons the Holy Grail. Yeah, under estimate a white rabbit:)


Sadly I’ve just been sampling those meteors too - did they just throw literally everything from the game in there…

20 red dragon heads? What’s the point of displaying any freakin’ trophies, when you can just pick dozens of the best ones up off the ground.

What is this, some Far Eastern game with ludicrous RNG seasonal giveaways…

At best this is silly, but closer to game-breaking in my opinion.

Way to instantly ruin a beautiful & balanced game.


How about the event is reduced to 48 hours? Those who enjoy this sort of nonsense can have 2 days of blue light hazard and chasing pinata meteors. Those of us who think it’s a pile of fetid kudu poo can do something else for 2 days and try to pretend it never happened.

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Yes, I was thinking we might have to endure it for 24 hours of Halloween, but a week…

What’s the logic behind belittling the entire game ethos, I wonder.

What .ini files?

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Did nobody tell Funcom that blue light is bad for you? That people are advised to reduce exposure to blue light? That a lot of us are running night light settings to increase the red / warm light on our monitors, and this just fights against it? Ridiculous.

Ok, not only do the meteors destroy themselves on impact, they apparently only fall in the desert.

LOOK, I need to turn off this blue haziness, it’s killing my eyes. How do we turn it off?


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This is an article from Harvard Medical School, and it’s based on human studies. [https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/blue-light-has-a-dark-side]
The fact that W10 includes a night setting suggests that many people share the concern and it should be taken seriously. A company as big as Funcom should be aware of the concerns. If the event was 24 or 48 hours, if it had a day / night cycle, if it could be deactiavted by the user, that would be different. For it to be a 24 hour a day week long change to the game is just too much.

LOL what?