Halloween Meteor shower server settings, and inability to see meteors

SetServerSetting halloweenmeteorspawntimer=X
SetServerSetting halloweenmeteordecaaytimer=X

The spawn and decay timers… what is the min and max?
1 - 100? 0.1 - 1000?
Spawn timer lower is faster right?
What about the decay timer?

So then there is the missing meteors. I’m an admin on my server, and one of my players had yet to find viable meteors. So when one spawned I asked if he was ready, and a minute or two later he was. I summoned him to the spot where I could still see and mine the meteors. All he could see however was the sprites…
It seems if you are in range within a certain amount of time, you can collect the meteors any time within their decay timer limit. However, if you don’t get in range soon enough you can’t see or harvest them. Even though they would not have expired. Does this seem to be the case for everyone, or are we having some kind of glitches?

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This is the same on the offical servers also. Seams to be the same bug we were having when starmetal was breaking on impact

Hmmm well with it set at 1 for the spawn time we get drops every 20 minutes. That said, there is more than enough to collect, so a few coming up missing is not too bad. But when one person can see em and some can’t just because they showed up a little later is a bit of bs.

Having the same issue. I see them fall, I’m at the impact site within 2-3 minutes, but all I see are the sprite trails. No meteors, nothing to harvest. I event spent a few minutes banging around the area with a pick, hoping they were “present” but just invisible…didn’t work. So far this Halloween event has been atmospheric, but nothing else. A vast waste. I’d rather they have done nothing at all.

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We were thinking it was a mod conflict on the server I’m playing in. Meteors fall every 15-20 minutes with a loud boom, and all that’s at the impact point is some sprite trails… Nothing to harvest. Maybe it isn’t the mods and just a small glitch with how long the meteors last.

Hi there,
sorry, new users cannot post pictures, but here’s what happened to me and my spouse:
On our dedicated server, I could never see meteors myself, while she could see some of them.


So the distance to the place at the time of impact might be important, or … it might simply be another bug which only applies to some players. As an affected player, I could not see (loot) ANY meteor so far.

Right, you absolutely need to find the impact site and stand around for 20 minutes for the next shower. If you arrive within say the first minute you should be ok. After that you will probably one find the sprites.

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Thank you, on steam I also just got the info that you have to be “within render distance” on the impact, looks like I’ve always been outside while my spouse takes care of the pets in the backyard and is just close enough to our nearest spot at the time of impact.

It may help to set your viewing distance (which I think increases rendering distance) as far as possible.

What we have to do on our official server, you have to be at the area where they fall…you literally have to see the impact or there is just the pink smoke.

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